The 9 Titans - Game Dev STARTS NOW!

Hi! Let’s Get Right To the Point. This Game, Where you Slay 9 deadly Titans, 1 of which Destroyed your Kingdom With you As the Only Survivor, The Other 8 Worshippers Of The Big One. The Combat System (In boss Fights) Is Kind Of Like SSBU’S Ganon, Galleom, Giga Bowser, And Dracula. Your Moveset Is Kind Of Link’s Moveset Also From SSBU. It’s An Open World, And You Can Fight The Bosses Whenever You Like, Just You Need to Defeat The Boss Before It Before You Can Fight It. Once You Beat the Game, You Unlock BOSS RUSH Mode, Where You Fight All The Bosses Without Healing! (Mastery Required.) If You Beat The Game, Tell Me And I’ll Consider Putting Your Ideas In The Next Update!

  • Cheers, Arcane’s Arcade

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Oh, The Game Is Nowhere Near Done, Right Now It’s A Mismangled Mess of Parts

Oh And For The Next Few Weeks It will Just Be Rush Mode


Ok, But There Is Literraly Nothing Except Parts Here It Is!

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