The Adventures of SolarKat Demo

“A demo for my game is out! Please check it out, and feedback and/or reviews are greatly appreciated!” - :star: :cat:


How are we meant to check the game out?

Search in Flowlab. Try searching for SolarKat. If any problems show up, please tell me.

Why can’t you share the link?


A tip for next time, you don’t need to fill in the background, flowlab does that for you.

I thought I filled in the background…

I was saying you DON’T need to fill in the background, flowlab does it for you. So if you add a camera to your character and move around the background will stay blue without you adding the blocks.

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The background that’s preset into the game is like a UI object, it follows the player when they walk off screen or wherever the camera is being aimed at so you won’t place blocks as the background, unless they have a purpose, like a day to night cycle or something.

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the player need animaitons or the whole game feels lifeless

My year+ of experience disagrees.

Good demo! I too work with animationless player sprites, so this game is relatable. In short, this is a good start to what will potentially be a great game!

My two year+ of experience disagrees :upside_down_face:
Even all the retro games had animations in the player. Name. One. That. Didn’t.

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I just don’t think my games are lifeless, how about you?

What if i said yes :upside_down_face:
If you added animations to your games, that would give them a whole new appeal, i just don’t feel it has that yet.

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I’m putting this to a vote right now.

My 3 Months- would disagree and agree.
Some Atari racing games had almost no animations on the car. But animations are almost always better, if you don’t have animations it can make the game feel blocky and unfinished. Some games might be able to pull off no animations in the character, but it’s very very few.


woah one message led to all this?


imagine flowlab drama :skull:

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dude,lets make that a forum!!

No. Just no.

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