The Adventures Of Spoonman & Pals(This Involves YOU!)

Hey,i’ve just uploaded a demo of my game.
Now for the cool part,in the full version,your characters from Flowlab games you made could make cameo appearances as playable characters(or enemies if they’re bad guys)!If this sounds interesting,just say what characters from which of your games you’d like to see in the full version.
P.S.@grazer Could you clone this game into my account?Thx!
P.P.S.I have a new icon!


I guess my char would fit in???!the-bigger-they-are/c8da

@jngthree OK,great!I’ll be sure to credit you!

Whoever allows their characters to be in the game will get a free version of the game on OUYA.Don’t have an OUYA?Well,neither do I,so if you’re like me(OUYA-less),you’ll get an exclusive online version!I’ll also try out your game and not only give it a review,but post a video of me playing it over here:

I don’t have one but oh well… I from time to time detail my character

A lot. Other times I just want to have it there

@jngthree Alright,when the game’s ready,you’ll get an exclusive online version!