The Arcade Challenge

Please help support this becoming an announcement!!! :slight_smile:
Here I have decided to review and request some classic Arcade Games. Anyone can make them, and anyone can request some. This is my list so far:

*Super Mario Original
*The Legends of Zelda
*A WORKING Street Fighter
*Final Fantasy I

If you have made some of these already, please let me know!!
By the way, if you do submit one of these, I think it would be really fun to add an easter egg into every game. Add a mini-arcade, or even just a non-playable item that loooks like one, into you games please. Thanks!

@Crigence @grazer @PixelStudios I need help! I will try to make Pac-Man, but how do I make the ghosts move randomly?

Use the random behavior into velocity

No i mean for turning @“Johnny boy” . :cry:

Oh sorry

Ok Ill forgive you this time XD

@Crigence did you make a mario game? And I need help with pack man please!!!

@grazer can this PLEASE be an announcement? :smiley:

I fixed the ghosts! Here is the link:
But how do you make the lives work?!?!

And please tell menif youre making or made one of these! @CrimsonBlackGames @rcreger @Greggo @speat3 you guys build good games!

Cmon guys!!! @rcreger!

I haven’t made one of these games before @meburningslime , but I suggest making it so that Pac Man raps around the screen when going through the tunnels like the actual game. Of course, I don’t know how to do this :anguished:

use the position block whilst moving through the tunnel to move him to the other side

Ill try that! Please take a look at my game, the ghost hitboxes are making my life miserable!