The Artist's Contest: Theme: Steam!

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Help needed!

Hello everybody! I am not on very often, but I would like to keep the contest running… If there are any volunteers that could run it while I am gone, I would appreciate it!

  • I would like to help!

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I am not exactly sure how I will run it yet… but I will try to figure this out!


Well… since I’m starting this back up again I might as well add some rules, regulations and how to play! I will start with explaining it for those of you who do not know… The Artists Contest is a contest where eveyone may submit a drawing (according to the theme…) and at the end of the contest we will judge who made the best or most creative drawing! No ones art is bad! A lot of the times there are people who think there art is bad but it is really good! If you have time please play! The rules are pretty simple…
1. Never post anything that can possibly hurt someone.
2. Try your best (no ones artwork is bad!)
3. And most inportantly… Have Fun!!! :smiley:


Wow, so is it like pixel art or drawings or can it be anything, I’m great at sculptures, but pretty good at drawings too :smiley:

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If I help, can I still participate, if I help, what do I need to do???

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The main idea was about pixel art… but we can do drawings or sculptures too!

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Of coarse! :smiley: I am going to post a theme and I can show you what to do if you would like to help!

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The First Contest! The theme… Steam!

You could make a steam train, or any steam engine, even just steam itself… it could be imaginary, or based on the real thing… Its all up to you! The art can be a drawing, sculpture, or pixel art!

Basic Rules:

  • Size: (none)
  • Pallet: (none)
  • Other Details: (none)

I wish i could parpicate but i suck

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no one does… and the main point to this is so we can all have fun!


And also by creating pieces you can slowly develop your own art skills. They may not appear good now, but after a while of doing it and looking at references, you’ll notice an improvement.


Exactly! I could not have said it better my self


Oh hey, this is back again!

The background was from something else, but the kettle pot was new.


And yeah, art can take a while to develop. you’ll slowly get better at small things like your method of coloring, how confident you are with each stroke, etc.
It’s good to get down and practice one thing at a time, I have an entire list of eyes I made where I recreated a bunch of eyes from art I like.



STEAMPUNK, HAHAHAHHAHAAHA I definitely made this just for this contest
(Im not actually done yet, this has taken me 45 hours)


(shameless plug to my instagram @hongjoonipooni (I make cool stuff))
Also, just kidding, I realize I can’t enter this into the contest, so take those pictures with a grain of cardboard


You made this? Wheres ya proof?

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My instagram (: I guess

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I can vouch for that.

Anyway it’s looking really good. Better than any model I’ve ever made, lol.

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It looks amazing!

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