The bo adventures challenge!

So, I made a game recently, about my dog BO JANGLES. :dog: and me and the team celebrated. However 1 year later it is just another game for flowlab’s shelf life.
And so I introduce the bo adventures challenge! complete the first game, and you have to speedrun it. you start at 60 points. the more points you have the better. one minute is minus a point.
submit your total treats and minutes in the comments! I will grade them.

google stopwatch:

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Can you explain how points are added up again? I don’t understand

I just realized this makes no sense. you want the most points. no treat points.

I’m sorry. this doesn’t make sense! I’ll fix it.

my score is 52. try to beat that now!

Can you explain it one more time in one message? sorry, i don’t really understand

you have 60 points to start with. you lose a point every minute. you want the most points.

ok (20 chracters needed)

wheres the game link

what? 20 characters needed? ok

oh IM sorry I deleted it bo adventure

is there a clock in the game?

no but theres a stopwatch on google

there’s also bo adventures 2.

did you choose to do it

i will, but if you can, can you add a timer in the game?

of course. will it be ok if I do a timer for each level?

yeah (20 letters is needed)

why does everyone keep saying 20 letters needed