The camera just stopped working today

In a game of mine I had the camera work like it does in Grazer’s smooth camera example but today for some reason it just stopped following the player. It’s not just me either, when I went back to the smooth camera example that doesn’t work either. Is it just my computer own is it something else?

Probably needs to reset the extractors to the player, could you leave a link to the game Also I did try resetting the extractors and it didn’t work

Wierd, the extractor isnt taking the X of the player. But this would probably happen in other levels anyway, cause the player object in a different level isnt actually the same object.

What you could do is Extract the X in the player and message it to the Camera object.

Yeah that didn’t work either, this is very weird. Thanks for your help anyway.

Messaging the camera seems to help, for me at least;


Yes! It worked! Thank you!

There was a bug that was doing but its fixed now.
So if you used extract other x, it will work again.