The Creation of the Retroscape

This will, in short, act as a brief log of me making progress on my new game, the Retroscape! I will use this forum to announce how much work I have done so far and also somewhere for me to request some additional help for my game. This is a very big protect, and will likely take me quite a while, so I this may end up becoming quite long. Though most problems will be perused on my game, some of these problems I think would benefit other users on flowlab separately will be posted on a separate forum, but will still be partially mentioned on here with a link to guide them to where the problem is being discussed. This is a fairly new game, and has been mostly in the planning phase and have barley been able to complete one full level yet, so don’t expect to see a lot from the game as of now. Obviously, over time the game will become more developed but until then stay tuned! Maybe have this bookmarked for future updates and the lates news (Yeah, I know how I sound…) The plot or the story will be displayed bellow, as well as a link towards the game. Big shoutouts to @“JR 01” , @Superstargames and @seamothmaster45 for having really help me with this game in other forums, and without them the game would not be half as cool without them helping me with the code for few abilities and gadgets in the game. If you want to know how I did something post bellow and I will happily answer!

The Story:

In this, you are an assassin, known as the Synthwave rider, who works fro the neon council. Set to kill 7 people, all rulers of different kingdoms of Synthworld, the planet you inhabit. While on this mission, you must make morally conflicting choices, mainly presented by the option to kill or not to kill. While perused by 2 siblings, who are the acclaimed heroes of the game, you must decide weather you are the hero or villain of this story as they attempt to convince you to spare the lives of these people and instead have them exposed, which is an in game option. Use amazing gadgets, portals, and other jaw-dropping abilities as you travel across the Retroscape and decide weather to follow through the path of the hunter, becoming a merciless killer doing what he was sent to do, or follow the path of the Merciful, and see reason to your cause, trying not to kill everyone, and question your loyalty to those you serve, who may not be as trustworthy as you had expected… It’s a game full of choices, paths, and moral dilemma - as well as a hefty helping of comic relief to lighten the mood.

The Game:

Update: So I manged to work on my first in game cutscene. The character stands still, while dialogue and profiles of the people speaking are diaplayed at the bottom. I havr not finished, but I have made improvement. Also done the code for displaying what path you are on in the game based on the amount of violent or merciful choices you make.

Next is finishing the cutscene, then working on the grappeling hook, thanks to @todorrobot and also fixing my enemy player. Also I do need to Code the 2 heroes as well. Still have some unanswered forum questiones but ultimatley I have made progress.

Also, for more information on how the enemy was creared and is still in the making head here:
This may really help with making a platformer enemy. It delves deeper into the nightmare of the enemy AI!

Maganged to finish my UI in a level called “New Level” which is basically a test level. Check it out! If you can’t right now, it features:

  • Credits (In game currency)

  • Crimson Crystals (Another, more rare In game currency)

  • What path you are on (Hunter or Mercyful)

  • Objectives

  • Health

That’s it! More updates coming soon! @Superstargames @seamothmaster45

Okay, I understand that.

sounds great!

@Superstargames The “Begin Game” button is actually the LAST thing I will do, mainly because of Save data, like in my other game A tale of light and Darkness. I will add a back button in the extras as well. Do go into editor and in “Chapter 1” Level is where the first official level is being worked on. The rest are just test levels.

Oh yeah, I should also let you know that “Begin Game” doesn’t do anything yet (and there is no back button in Extras).

Sounds like an amazing game! I am looking forward to playing it.

Thanks @Superstargames !

For some reason, my game can’t save cloned objects… Why is this? @“JR 01” ? @grazer ? Can anyone explain why this is happening? (Link Is above)

Edit: Sorry it’s fixed now, but I still don’t know the cause was and maybe it may be a problem to be perused…

@“JR 01” This is actually partly a continuation of what we discussed in the Ultimate Platformer Enemy forum, because I have stumbled upon yet another problem with my cutscene. In the Cutscene 3 Character’s speak, as you know, and then later battle. Similar to Undertale and multiple other games, the text is displayed on screen with a portrait picture of whoever is speaking. The Thing runs perfectly - Except the the Picture for Sophie in the Second frame of the Cutscene. For some reason it is skipped, and I am sure it has something to do with the, “If it is equal to 0” filter I had so I tried tampering and nothing. Please help me with this final major thorn in my side!

@“JR 01” Please also check out what happens AFTER the cutscene as well, Sophie is meant to attack you (Baring in mind I have not cretaed the Run or Sword Attack sprites so She will be in the same position that is not a glitch) When the cutscene is over and she recives the FIGHT message, using switches it is meant to trigger a battle but it is not. Just investigate the code for me.

Thank you, @“JR 01” , as always!

@“JR 01” Just a re-tag. The Request is above ^

@“JR 01” Actually fixed the whole Sophie not fighting problem, so instead prioritise the post above that, and 3 above this. Now Just need to code Sophie. Sigh. I have started but to be honest this is not like the Ultimate Platformer Enemy, because she and Dan are actually more like sub bosses, so of course their code has to be more complex than the enemies. I already have Dan covered, but I will discuss this later in the Ultimate Platformer enemy.

Just woke up not too long ago @“The Kodex” lol
What specifically what and where “cutscene 3 character” are?

@“JR 01” Thanks for responding, In my statement above I meant three people are in the Cutscene. Thr problem is in the second pannel Sophies Icon does not Show.

Also @“JR 01” , Whenever you get this, just tell me what the Time is.

I received that message at 3:57pm.
I live in US Central time zone.

I’m away atm, I’ll try to help tonight.

@“JR 01” I still have that cutscene problem, where the second frame does not appear despite the code suggesting that it should.

Retroscape is starting to look really good! I already got hooked into the game the first few minutes. The only problem that I have is that there are a few spelling errors.