The D.O.M Update Log [New Concept Art!]

The Wasteland won the vote!

But this means that I will be especially busy and it will take me a VERY long time to get to the game reviews (Ramshackle reviews), but it also means that DoM will be in heavy development. I’m going to need a LOT of help so if any of my dev team members (or anyone who would like to join) is available for a task PLEASE tell me so I can assign you one. I am especially going to need help with the open world of the wasteland and apocalypse plains! @GrimProductionZ @MetaNinja @F3Art @browngr @ManiacPumpkin

I’ll try to work on the world layout of the Wasteland. I’ll do some maybe tonight, and do the rest hopefully if I have time on Saturday (9/12/20).

ok! It is a desolate place filled with destroyed war vehicles and metal/machinery scraps @MetaNinja

@grazer can you change my username to Ramshacklegames since Ramshacklegamestudios is too long?

@The_Kodex if you want to help read the comments in this discussion

I’ll continue to be the game Tester or Beta tester some might say. Also, I can help with character development since I have a great Top-down bundle that can keep animations from overlapping each other. I could also make the gun a separate object so you can shoot in a 360 degree view.

@ManiacPumpkin I’m up for that if @Ramshacklegamestudi1 is

I’ve done stuff like that in games too so I could help as well.

i also have (slightly glitchy) player flip code from a stitch in time ( flip based on angle of the weapon)

you can add it if you want @F3Art, but it is not a priority to me right now

hey @Ramshacklegamestudi1- I bumped up the username limit, so I think if you log out and back in that should fix it.

ok thanks :grinning:

testing testing testing

hmm @grazer that didn’t seem to work. I logged out and back in and my account is still called Ramshacklestudi1

Try relogging on both the main website and the forums.

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well that worked!

P.s. do you like my new profile pic better or worse?

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@MetaNinja are you free to help?

I started adding a few more of those machine scrap things a few hours ago, but now I cannot help.

ah ok whenever you can tell me (if you think I’m being too pushy I’ll lay off)

The Wasteland is officially in progress! (not yet accessible)

I think you should stick with one pixel size, but then the more bigger pixelated objects are probably work in progress. Just pointing that to make sure, also what are the black lines with grey circles around it. Are they supposed to be cracks or something. I hope I was somewhat close, I really bad at figuring out stuff like this.

yeah, @ManiacPumpkin they are. The Wasteland is mostly made up of rocks and a couple mountains