The D.O.M Update Log [New Concept Art!]

The new and improved DoM update log.

I will post teasers, snapshots, and updates here

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Ramshacklestudios are officially looking for voice actors!

If you think you have what it takes, then send me your voice acting
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  • The Scorch
  • The Wasteland

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This is a simple vote on which world we should work on! (we will still be working on the main world “apocalypse plains”)

The scorch is the dry desert that will introduce a bit of a survival aspect to the game, where you will need to constantly have water with you! The new creature is called a skrat similar to a wretch, but smarter. Instead of chasing you down a skrat will use it’s small size and it’s color to its advantage. It will lurk around and wait till’ the play gets near then…well you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

The Wasteland is a Dead Zone infested with it’s new creature the Defense Unit, and It is a ruthless opponent that will kill you at whatever cost. If you are a melee character you are in BIG trouble, because of it special ability to latch onto you, and slowly kill you. If you are a ranged character it has many ways to get in on you. And if you run into the Armored Defense Unit it is equipped with a sub-machine gun, and a wide variety of missiles. Trust me when you see this thing and you don’t have a team to back you up…RUN!
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I chose the scorch because it seems really interesting. Both of them sound great though.

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Thank you for voting! :grinning:

the defense unit is the task I had asked you about. @browngr of course is the enemy ai guy. But I’m going to need your help with these animations. The Skrat is easy to make so I don’t think I’ll need you help with that one

also I forgot to mention that one of it’s ways of “getting in on you” is faking its death

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Defence Unit sounded cool, so I voted for Wasteland!

Yeah, I voted for Waste land, mainly for what @MetaNinja said, the defense unit sounded pretty cool.

When I first heard of the defense unit I thought it was a robot at first, but I read a little more and found out that it wasn’t, but then gave me an idea. What if there were robots, designed by the government and was a secret project to forever clean the world of wretches, but when they put the project into play, the wretches found a way to infect the massive war beings and cause even further damage to civilization.

Kind of got this idea from Generation Zero.

I know you probably had your mind set out on a certain storyline so no big deal if you don’t add it. Just an idea of different enemy types.

That reminds me, the Defense Unit kinda reminds me of that giant cow beast thing from the Witcher III (if that’s the correct game), except that in DoMs case, the Defense Unit attacks you regardless if you are a cheater or not.

@ManiacPumpkin I’d like to use that, but I’m trying to go as closely as possible to the book.

The defense unit’s were not manufactured to ATTACK the wretches they were made to defend the humans.

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@ManiacPumpkin what do you mean you found out the defense unit isn’t a robot? It is a robot lol

@Ramshacklegamestudi1 it is a robot? Then I read the entire thing wrong then lol.

yes @ManiacPumpkin it is a robot

You said creature at first and that’s what threw me off, lol.

yeah lol I see were your coming from