The Decimation of Mankind 1,2,3

The Decimation of Mankind 1The Decimation of Mankind 2<a
The Decimation of Mankind 3

plz play game! i’ve worked really long and hard to make the best game(s) I can

I suggest changing the hitboxes to polygons & lower the jump force because this will make the player weigh less. I collide with enemies a little bit of distance.

@TheForgotten he will hit a breakable box and come back you then go back to the other zombie (box) and that zombie will fall off a cliff

Uhhhhh how do you kill zombies with ur hands?

you don’t

punching is just an added feature you can’t actually kill zombies with your bare hands!

You should really get indie

does that mean it is good orrrr…

Wait, so if you’ve finished 1, that means your story is kind of set in stone. Does this imply that you don’t need my help with the story?

@browngr no I do I am going to use number 2 as more of a origin story

and when I say DONE I mean done with the game itself not the story and what I am going to do is I am going to finish number 2 then add the story too both

please tell me what is wrong with my game. I must know what to fix

city theme added

Hi @seamothmaster45 i played for a few minutes the other day and like what you have so far. I feel like the instant death the first time you touch a zombie is a little unforgiving. Adding a health bar, a damage and death sound effect and animation would go a long way to making it feel a little more playable. I like the zombie enemy variety so far. Keep going!

I made a special suit that gives you extra health

@todorrobot like I said it is a demo so a lot still needs too be added but I am very grateful for ideas



progress on DoM 2 is officially un-paused!