The Demon's Lord Son And The Conflict Between Collided World

Hi Everyone I am a Genshin Impact Lover and I make games. RPG Games…So Um I have no school nothing blocking my way to make my game so I will be active everyday. Sometimes at night, too. So lets stop with the off-topic stuff. This game is all about a demon’s lord son who unlike his father is a man of good. which no one believes. only some. One day black shards start to appear and everything starts to twist…white screen When his sense comes back…nothing changed expect the sky color changed and weird creatures are roaming around.
After talking to some people you sent you journey to the Great Mt kurai.


Ooh an anime game, interesting.
Jetstream Sam My Beloved GIF - Jetstream Sam My Beloved GIFs


Hi Everyone! My ver first update! So first before we get started time for some pinging!
@John_Shrekinson @CodeAlpaca @DWGAMEMASTER
So anyways, I putted two different designs for when you are just walking around and when you are fighting. The one on the left is the one where you are walking around in the world and the other one is when you are battling enemies.
…Yeah…Pretty much it. I would also have to develop his characteristic and personally so yeah…Bye and see ya for the next update bye! Also, if you have any ideas you want to share I will take it.


And oh @John_Shrekinson I don’t know who that is…

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oh no…
you just doomed us all

Nice idea(s) you got there!

Bro that is Jetstream Sam from the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He is a cyborg samurai that works for the organization Desperado Enforcement LLC.


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