The Escape Of The Unsavable Remaster

I’ve decided to see how far I’ve come. The Escape of The Unsavable was a game I made the second I got the indie subscription for flowlab. I’ve had people review this game and even I know it… it was trash. Absolute garbage. I can’t help but cringe at how bad the code was and how I could’ve fixed those bugs I couldn’t seem to find during the development of the first version of the game. It was intended to have 5 chapters where if you died on one of the levels it would bring you right back to the first level of the chapter you’re on. The story was that you had to escape a house with a bunch of traps but now it’s about the greatest trapping the weakest in an underground complex to test their flexibility and reflexes.

Here is the remaster;

And here is the first version;

Now I will proceed to make more levels in the remaster but I also want a nice review on what I have so far since it would be nice to receive tips on how I could make the remaster better that the first version.

Happy Gaming!