The Final Knight

Hey everyone, just checking in on the progress of the site and how everything has changed. Really loving all the updates @grazer
Been getting back into the hang of everything and just looking for some feedback on this little thing I’ve been working on.

Some dialogue has been added to the game. Action icons will form above objects you can interact with and you can use the action key (K) to then interact.

W,A,S,D - Move
J - Attack
K - Roll/Action
1,2,3 - Use Item


Welcome back leonknighte.


Hello and welcome back!

Here are my thoughts on what i like:

  • The art style is beautiful and really consistent.
  • How the rolling works and the animation of it.
  • Music changing feels smooth
  • I LOVE how the little blue chicken (?) animals walk and try to attack you, it really reminds me
    of old pokemon games (mystery dungeon) for some reason. (Edit: Also the moving plant )

What i think players like me don’t like:

  • You spawn in with no objective, I feel lost and don’t know what to do and where to go.
  • In addtion, because I don’t know where to go, the map feels too MASSIVE. It makes me feel lazy to explore since i don’t know the goal or the reward that’s waiting for me if i succeed.
  • I found NPC’s but don’t know how to ineract with them. I don’t know how to enter houses. I don’t know nothing. COMMUNICATE with your players. (I know that it’s probably just not implemented since it’s still in development but just saying)

I really hope you’ll manage to finish the game since i would be definitely excited to play it once it’s done. :slight_smile:


I’m planning on bringing in story content and Npc interactions soon, trying to re-get the hang of it all, I’ve been gone for a bit lol. This was just a demo of gameplay and art style really, I appreciate the critiques though, gives me some great ideas to hopefully fill the game with.


Thanks @Luminous! Hopefully I get the opportunity to sink back into it all

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my reaction to your game:


@leonknighte would you want to work on a game sometime?