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Do nothing which is of no use. -Miyamoto Musashi

What do we do?

  • Provide Updates to Games.
  • Post Reviews from the community reviewers.
  • Update you on Flowjams. (Offical and Non-Offical)
  • We Take Interview Requests.

Other things to keep in mind.

  • We are hiring. (Obviously non-paid it’s just a fun project)
  • We will accept feature requests but might not get to it in the new or current issue.
  • We also will post real-life news stories to remind all there is an outside world.
  • New articles will be posted on Wednesdays. (Hopefully every week)

Current Employees

  • Frost ( Article Creator and Founder )
  • Bently Holmquist ( Reporter )

If you’re gonna have an issue out this week, would you mind mentioning my game Wilder’s Creation? It’s coming out this Saturday and could use all the exposure possible.


Yes, indeed @Greggo that was actually something i was looking at doing for a start to the new form!


Thanks a bunch @Frost!

That is what I’m here for.

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Hey, the sans game jam is done, here’s the link: Game Jam submissions

Are you talking to yourself?

No, why would you say that?

Oh wait I read it wrong. I thought it said, “Hey sans, the game jam is done.”

It’s ok, just misread

I would like to apply for a job or something i would like to help cause I’m bored, i am very trustworthy and anyone can agree (totally)

Can i get mentioned (Im getting Indie and working on a big game tomorrow)

I think this topic is dead

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me to (2222222222222222222222222222222222222)

Should I Hippity hoppity this topic is now my property

Let’s give this topic a chance. Maybe they’ve been busy recently.

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Yeah, @Frost was last seen January 12th. They may be back soon.


I hope so.

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can you put my beta game in the news please