The Fractured World - KiwiLeaf Flowjam 2023

The game didn’t get to see its intended finish for the Flowjam but its still pretty unique and I do plan to finish the game in the future. I hope you guys enjoy it.


the game could have really used a background, but otherwise it was a super enjoyable puzzle game. love isometric games!


Yeah you do have a point about the background. I think of something for it


I played this and this works really well with the topic of the Flow-jam but the worlds aren’t “hidden” They are locked away.But I have no room to talk because my Flow-jam game is similar.


This game is great, I don’t think it needs a background, what it needs is a nice menu and screenshot… and a lot more levels with different grounds, maybe another obsticle. Great Job!


Just wanna note that it’s completely okay to criticize games better than your own - everyone is human and can recieve important feedback! We all started in the same place, watching the tutorial videos and trying to learn the engine

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ok thanks! I know that this person was working on this game and wanted to do a good job and they accomplished that and I have the feeling that I have as well.

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its was mainly the story line that was suppose to connect to the theme but oh well.

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