"The Fractured World" Rethinking

New Plans

I submitted “The Fractured World” for the 2023 Winter Flowjam. It was a great game with unique design, but I think this game has great potential. I like puzzle games and all, but sometimes they can get pretty boring since they aren’t really that immersive. So I plan to change this game from a simple puzzle game to a semi open world rpg. I think people really liked the idea of the puzzle design in the original game so I will keep this and implement them into dungeons. I plan for this game to be pretty big and include a lot of mechanics like a level up system and possibly a skill tree of some sort. It’s also very likely I’ll keep the grid based movement because I felt like that also brings the game some uniqueness.

Follow Development

If you guys wish to follow my work I would recommend joining my discord because I will be posting a lot of updates and things there. It’s fine if you don’t have discord I’ll be posting a few small sneak peaks on this topic as well.

More ways you can support me is by following me on Itch. I will be posting small games and things on there for you to play or download.

It would also mean a lot if you were to subscribe to my YouTube as well. I plan to post some clips of my projects there.


Alright every one I’m changing my mind and just going to leave it as a fun relaxing puzzle game. Changing it will take to much time especial since I have other projects I want to work on. This doesn’t mean the game won’t be updated and changed. I plan to change the level designs and make them more challenging and fun so stay tuned for updates.

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