The Future of Stroligy Games (poll)

Your turn to shape Stroligy history! (I want to know what the audience wants to give it to them) :slight_smile: Edit: Once upon Equinestria: Arcodes Journy will NOT be stopping in case any of you don’t vote for another thing because of it. It just means I will focus my recourses elsewhere for the majority of the time.

Well… i make arcade games because biology says there’s a completion system in humans: your brain knows its not finished, so it wants to finish it… but theres no end!! thats what makes them so addicting … maybe you could take advantage of that

True, when I made this I was thinking of my bigger releases, mobile games for me will almost always be arcade, such as my raining chocolate port.

Have you played starblast NW before? Thats an example of a arcade game. Just throw some logic, some photoshops (i crafted them myself), some original music, and a scoring system together and you can really be on to something

Sadly I don’t have any tools for my own music creation :frowning: , do you know any good tools? Loved Starblast By the way

I had a company make mine for me.
But if you want you can use garageband or ect.

for all who wanted to see evolution, a new post has been made for it! I will work on mobile soon, possibly themed as a space shooter, not 2 player, but arcade

I know it’s a dead subject but I personally use: (graphics) jukedeck (music)

There are many ways to make assets but those are what I use