The game is just so buggy and I don't understand

Okay, so, I made a health system where one penguin has 3 hearts, but he always dies at 2 for some reason, the camera also sometimes does not load. :frowning:
The health bothers me the most

Pls help with the health issue :slight_smile:
The 2nd level with the stronk penguin
Tell me how to use the code blocks instead of just telling me the answer, I like to get the logic, but pls don’t be so vague
Also tell me how to make the game better, I would love feedback

can i have link to the game and I can help you

I’m not even going to try an help you

Alpaca can endure the pain

So from what you’re describing it sounds like you are telling the character to die right when it gets hit.

The reason for this would be

  1. You have “Number (-1) → (+ input) Heath → Death” (When you have an input into the “+” the Number behavior will output)
  2. You have an incorrect filter placement

I need the link to tell more

I played it and there was no problem with the health

Do you have the link to the game? I didn’t find it in the flowlab search bar

oops, sorry I didn’t put any info


  1. Organize your code better, having more space between the blocks is just a good habit and you will be able to better understand the logic.

  2. You can use a router instead of several filters, it allows for less code and is easier to understand (This is unneeded if you do what I said below)

  1. Because you are sending a message to the same object (in the penguin health) you can instead use a Global.

  2. I’m not seeing a problem with the “stronk” penguin, it seems to work fine for me

its for the stronk penguin at the 2nd level, I wanted to have 3 health cause its STRONK, but it dies when its still at 1

The penguin can get hit twice, on the 3rd hit it will die.

Ok, maybe its just for me, Ima reload tmw and see the problem
I made it so the framerate slows down when it dies, so maybe its confusing
I will bear your suggestions in mind and learn the ways of the GLOBAL block

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Literally just a number block but is updated everywhere. I also use it when I need to send a message to multiple objects without having to have a bunch of messages.

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ohh, ok thanks, my head is rushing with all the implementations now, I guess it always does, thats the beauty of flowlab:) If u don’t mind, have u made any games?

Me? I’ve been working on ducky the link to the forum page is in my profile.

Search bar broke

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