The Gang Garrison 2 fan-made topic!

here I will be posting devlogs
this post will be constantly getting updates after every weekend(If I can)


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trailer for the game:

link to the game:

the mercs

Screenshot 2024-05-07 3.17.54 PM
weapon:mine launcher
click to to detonate
has 200 hp
Screenshot 2024-05-07 3.19.38 PM
click to shoot
can build miniguns
has 125 hp
Screenshot 2024-05-07 3.15.44 PM
click to shoot
can also rocket jump
has 200 hp
Screenshot 2024-05-07 3.16.42 PM
the overweight
space and hold to shoot
Q to eat a sandvich
has 300 hp


Hey your game looks really good and this is super cool but the solider shoots way faster than the actual soldier in the game.

ok I will nerf That today so it should be good soon.i will also add functions to the respawn room like adding ammo for your gun and health.

ok the soldier’s rocket launcher should be good now

Also taking a closer look if you play as the overweight you can camp the other team also your bullets turn into a large snake that can go through walls.
An online mode would be appreciated but its fun with bots as well.

Here is a new soldier with googly eye’s.

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so I will be nerfing the overweight and once I get indie I will add multiplayer

Ok that sounds good.

yep so stay tuned for even more updates(maybe MVM)

map remade
nerfed rocket man
nerfed overweight
added more bots to map
undid the new game music
new overweight controls to shoot:
space and hold to shoot as overweight

bro add med-kits!!!


resupply closet adds health
map remade
added cursor
changed class select sprites
changed in-game music
3 background menu images
added health character portraits
re-animated the rocket launcher shoot animation
added victory sound
added the detonator

this project will now be an open source game or free to use code game.i am completely fine with it
(note;if you use any of my code in any project,it would be nice to credit)
and I also am giving credit to some examples of code that helped make this game possible
taunting has been added!press T to do so
sandvich has also been q to eat one.i will add a cooldown to it

When I eat a sandvitch it gets rid of the minigun

oh so when you eat the sandvich stand still and when the animation is done it will come back.if it doesn’t work i will fix when you taunt or eat the sandvich it makes the weapon 0 alpha and when the animation is done it goes to 100

ok a lil update I added demoman’s gun being able to shoot normally
and demoman can now get health from the resupply closet
and there is a hud for your gun now

added 30 seconds countdown til round starts
revamped class selection screen
added portraits of each class with some text too
added re selecting your class
press e and hold to open the hud
keys 1-4 to change class

If you die and you switch your class at the same time you can have two players

So i will be fixing the problem shortly(with a new game with MvM)

You can jump off of your own stickybombs and they do no damage to sentries. Also the overweight can jump off of their own bullets.