The Hunger Games Devlog

This is a choose your own adventure style game that I am working on, I hope to finish this one (Unlike all my other games!!!) and will report changes daily. Announcing this will probably make me stick with it!
This is also for a school assignment, so I am working on it with two of my freinds. They aren’t very good, but they can still help a bit :slight_smile:

Recomendations wanted! Especially on how to make the code more effecient.


Today’s edits:

  • added new feature that SHOWS that you got extra stats (plus one health, minus one money, whatever)
  • added a bunch to the storyboard
  • edited frame and seporator sprites (not done yet)
  • Added winning screen
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damn this looks cool! (i like how you added some dumb choices like “kill prim” and “DRAGON”)
but this will be insanely hard to program since you gotta do every choice manually


ARG lol i messed upp
One small change in a frequently used bundle means I have to change them all
I should have made them message that bundle instead!! Lol takeaways from c sharp - always properly define your object contracts!!!

Not the end of the world…

Yesterday’s edits:

  • added a lot of text to the story board
  • finished frame and seporator sprites
  • added new stats (money, luck)
  • added a few questions that are random and are based on stats

Today’s edits:

  • added some story
  • added fullscreen
  • changed water stats
  • may be adding inventory or achievement viewing!
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i find that a full on inventory view section with sprites would be cool- maybe you can eat something from your inventory at random times when your hunger is low. Just a thought.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea! I’ll try to do that.

@grazer PLS HELP!!!
one of my friends messed up, now all out code is deleted!!! Can you help?
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I’m going to create a new one - Hunger Games 3. :frowning:
It is still a really good idea even if I won’t get the grade, so I will continue working on it