The Illusionist - Summer 2021 Jam Submission

I know there have been a lot of posts of people sharing their Flowjam submissions, so I’ll try not to clog up the feed more than I have to.

I made the game “The Illusionist” and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Some things that I wanted to add, and a few RPG elements were lost in the rush to get the game out, but overall I think it turned into a fun, quick-paced RPG Battle game.

If you would like to learn to become an Illusionist yourself, the link to the game is here:

Of course, if you have any comments, questions, or feedback, you are free to leave them as a response to this post!

Good luck to all the entrants, and I hope you all enjoyed making your games as much as I did mine :heart:


Rated it last night, by far my favorite game in the jam. I loved the simple visuals and creativity that was put into this. I think it fit the theme well and I love the way player’s have to use a card. The tutorial was also great, I think it’s good that you forced it upon players. If you didn’t I’d have no idea what to do! I wish there was a little bit more story but other than that I think it’s fabulous!

8/10 or 4/5.


This game was incredible! The creativity and fun mechanics are great and the fact that it was made in 2 WEEKS?!?! This game is just so cool! I really live the card tracing mechanic and the creative spin it puts on the rpg genre. Plus I love magic so that was an automatic plus for me.


One of my top picks right here! Very well done:D


I also loved this one very cool idea!


This is the best game I’ve played so far!


This is really good, I had a lot of fun with it. really unique and I think it works well for mobile while still being playable on pc. you’re getting a lot of good reviews on this one, maybe you’ll end up winning the jam :smiley: (knock on wood)


I think Greggo’s, F3’s, and this one are my top picks this year - very fun and interesting games!


I thought this was turn-based but it isn’t and the rabbits won’t let me attack

Thanks for the kind words everyone, I really appreciate it! :blush:

@DinoDev I was seriously considering adding a story (every good rpg needs one afterall) but I was just completely out of time and had to scrap it

@_GAMOOG It’s a turn based rpg without the turn based or rpg lol. You need to dodge when they attack and sometimes you have to just take hits to give yourself enough time to cast a spell


Congrats on 2nd place!!! It was a really cool concept, I knew it was a for sure possible winner. :+1: