The JoJo's Bizarre Flowlab Problem

There is a severe lack of variety and quality in Flowlab’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fangames.

Image proof

Red line = Giorno only - Blue line = JoJo part 3 game - Black line = abandoned game - Purple line = unrelated game

All of the games that do exist have nothing to do with JoJo, have been abandoned, exclusively have Giorno as the protagonist, or are just simply not that well made (no offence to the creators but the excessively bright level backgrounds hurt my eyes).

We need to do something about this. I’ve already started making a snake game with Kars from JoJo part 2 as the protagonist.


Nvm guys I found another one:

This has been abandoned I believe, and Jotaro is nowhere to be seen.

Jotaro is actually the player character of this one.

I think this one has Star Platinum in it.

Or was it one of these two…

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