"the last class."

i’m finally done with “the last class.” come over to be horrified.

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can someone give me a pic for the game screen shot

The game is so laggy.
And the game is short and kinda boring…
Can you add something like diolouge?

if you want to boost engagement, be sure to have a cover image for the game so we can get a better idea of what it looks like!

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i know but idk why it lags

It has potential. It could be pretty fun. I agree though, it needs dialogue.

Are you sure, the keys only sorta work, the lock disappears but the door stays and you can’t go through. Also is the thing supposed to always know where you are and camp you withing the closets? It’s a great start though with lots of potential, fix some game issues and add some story and boom! Also you can just dance around the monster constantly.

Also maybe add some animations for unlocking doors and entering the closet.

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How’s this?

maybe but i would like something a little more detailed and scary

This isn’t the most detailed but I’m not insane at art so it’s fine.

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I could draw something up, just give me 2 hours I have class and stuff.

Me too. I guessed “C” over and over on the practice test.

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So I could do that.

As a horror enthusiast I actually think I could make something good.

Yeah, Mine kinda sucked.

It was like, two shapes and the name.

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i need more detailed and cool

but im doing no copy right img