The Legend Of Cyber Updates & Annoucements

Hello Good users I am Topical! I am making a new game called The Legend Of Cyber. You are a robot that has been trapped by the main villian. Which I do not have a name for him. This is a wave survival game but will have different levels, enemies, and bosses! So lay down and relax and drink some nice coconut juice!

First enemy of the game: Dummies!
Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.20.24 AM
These guys don’t do nothing really execpt run full speed ahead and bash you with their heads. They are immune to fire arrows, electric arrows, Nature arrows and dark arrows. But not ice arrows(Yes there will be 5 different types of arrows)

The main villian
Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.22.48 AM
This mysterious man caught the greatest hero of all time so watch him die in his chamber of doom!
His back story is untold and his power is tremendous, maybe one day you could beat him with the Rainbow arrow…one day.

The main character: Cyber
Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.24.41 AM
The main characters hold the Rainbow bow but does not know how to mak the rainbow arrow, as he went around the world trying to learn, but then one day after saving a whole bunch of people from the minions of the main villian was caught. Time to break free!

Yep so that’s all of it, thanks for reading and there will be other updates so if you want to be ping like!


sounds cool!

Thanks This only the beginning!

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Wow this game seems to be neato! Good luck!


Devlog 1
I have made some big boy changes to the game. Time to man up!
First I made a drone. It’s differently friendly! See look I am playing it right now…Oh…
Well…I absolutely did not man up the drones…
Anyways I have alway added new animations for the bow and new stun animation for the enemies.


Update 2
Hi Everyone! I have more updates! First off I changed the drones, they don’t shoot lasers but instead they shoot missiles that fire at you. I also added a special ablity to the character so it would not be that hard. If you right click a ice will form around you like this
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 2.30.29 PM
So if the enemies touches it they will freeze for a couple of secs so you could get away or shoot them. But not all enemies can be frozen. Like the Big Boy.
This guy takes two of your health but is slow. He can not be frozen and has alot more health then all the rest. So this guy will be hard. Which means I have to make the arena bigger. But for now it is only early development.


this game looks so good


Is this game cancelled?


i hope not man its really good

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Same bro


@Topical may i have the link

i will not let this topic die, i will keep it alive

please stop. this is getting annoying for everyone. The OP is obviously inactive.


Topical hasn’t been online since October 2022. You have to let go.

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Its totally fine to post on game updates topics to see or ask for progress.
It usually only affects on already solved helped requests.
No need for so much patroling.

The game looked really Nice tho, didnt see it at the time :blush:


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