The Overseether - devlog and help requests i guess :)

Hello there! I’m making a comic called “The Overseether” where a bunch of people were sucked into Minecraft because they summoned a monster called the Overseether. Sadly you cannot meet this monster in-game because only chapter 5 of the kept command block route is out.

Update 10/9/22 (bri’ish date):Added some blocks that get destroyed when clicked. These will be here so you can walk over the gaps in the chapter holes so you can get to other chapters! Also,i may or may not have lost the chapter 5 (kept) comic meaning that i cannot continue Chapter 5. I also may or may not have lost chapter 4 (kept) and may or may not have given chapters 1-3 temporarily to someone else.

Update 24/9/22:Chapter 4 will be coming soon (maybe also chapters 3-1 and more chapter 5 frames),but for now I have improved the game using constructive criticism I got. You can now move using the arrow keys but sadly if you’re on mobile you’ll still have to use the arrow blocks. Sorry! :frowning: I’ve also filled out some of the ground and tried to make it more obvious if you’re moving.
Update 22/10/22:Made background blue,added a singular frame of Chapter 6 (I cant find chapter 5 and chapters 1-4 haven’t even had an object made for them yet lol) and added Not Protagonist as a reset button for you to restart


also this game will be HEAVILY inspired by Minecraft Story Mode,with the Overseether’s design and tractor beams (however the overseether gets way stronger than the wither storm with green tractor beams that push you the other way,more eyes,eyes on the tentacles) and in chapter 4 the witherstorm itself will appear! :smiley:

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Yeah but then in chapter 6 the Overseether and the Wither Storm fuse into an anime girl that summons a giant evil wither robot and then Steve, Alex, and the other heroes have to find that one Algerian man who urinated on another passenger during a flight on an airplane, break him out of prison, and then finally build a giant peeing airplane robot to disgust Over-Seething Wither-Storm chan to death.


this is canon

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There is an input on the Animation behavior called “Go To”, so you can use that to choose which frame of the animation you want to go to.


i just pushed protagonist off a cliff


if you get to chapter 7 after keeping the command block you will get a choice to end your own life for the sake of comic relief

Why does it not work at all anymore

What do you mean?

I cant do anything in the game is what I mean

You use the arrows to move. You use them to push Protagonist to the comic strip. You click them and then drag them to the player sprite (Protagonist),and protagonist gets pushed. Sorry if i sound rude,but maybe next time you should experiment with different things if you’re stuck? Think of it as a puzzle! :smiley:


Join Protagonist and his friends going on weird adventures in the Minecraft world!
Find them against an assassin,ready to murder them and kidnap them.
Find them dying and waking up in another game.
Find an axe stronger than anything we’ve seen before in the Minecraft franchise,even able to defeat the strongest of monsters.
Meet the biggest of mobs,the strongest of monsters,the hardest to fight,stronger than a Wither,stronger than its inspiration known as a wither storm,meet THE OVERSEETHER!
One to three in just one chapter,leaves a trail of destruction wherever it goes…

But how will you defeat it?
Find the DESTROY route & KEEP route and see how the people who input a joke command into a command block manage to defeat this monstrosity or if they even do.

Will you defeat the Overseether and bring people a portal to the real world & back?


Just so you know,the wither storm won’t appear if you go for the Burnt route,as that involves burning the Command Block from Chapter 3 which would be needed for a Wither Storm. :smile:

tried to take a picture od the comic with my phone and put it on flowlab but it just turned out gigantic. it’s the first frame from chapter 1 with protagonist on his computer and it’s giant. i’m sticking with my ipad
in other news,chapter 1 has started development

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