The plot of every game in the Taile Gamougg trilogy

@hihilogic I hope this will clarify some things. You can also read this in Morgan Freeman’s voice for comedic purposes.

There is a dude. He wears cool armour and travels the universe for no apparent reason. What sets him apart you ask? He’s a skeleton. In a spacesuit. And his name is Gamougg. While Gamougg is going about his usual business, an assassin named Noob Saibot (don’t ask me why) is tasked with killing this undead explorer for some reason. Gamougg catches on to this soon enough, and (spoiler alert for gamougg 1) awkwardly bounds and hops past him and into the Nether. Noob is persistent, however, and won’t go down without a fight. They brawl in the Nether, but soon Noob is defeated. For some reason, they become best friends. Think of how Jonathan Joestar and Robert E. Speedwagon met in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the sequel, Gamougg gets a new suit. This one allows him to jump way higher. He would rule a basketball court. Gamougg and Noob Saibot have to uncover a strange mystery about a mildly sentient bizarre glob of whatever. Meanwhile, a sorcerer dude named Shang Tsung (again, don’t ask me why) is secretly experimenting with things. He releases Ermac, who was imprisoned within a Sprite can and begins his journey to find let loose the aforementioned mildly sentient bizarre glob of whatever named Gloob Glab to try and cause as much destruction as possible. during this time he also captures a live specimen of one of Noob Saibot’s shadow bats, which will be important later. Gamougg confronts Shang Tsung while Noob hides in the shadows. (spoiler alert for gamougg 2) Noob finds a dragon and uses it to blow up Shang Tsung. Gamougg then rides the dragon to kill Ermac, and looks for Gloob Glab. Gloob Glab is found and after a rough battle with cool battle music, Gamougg and Noob leave.In the finale of the trilogy, Gamougg’s sister Gia follows in her brother’s footsteps as what is now known as a “pointless explorer”. Gamougg, Noob Saibot, and Gia search the land of blocks (Minecraft) to find and eliminate all of Noob Saibot’s shadow bats which were irreparably corrupted by Shang Tsung before his death. They journey as Minecrafters would normally do: Survive and gather tools and equipment to eventually face the Ender Dragon. On their journey, they encounter advanced weaponry that shouldn’t exist, especially if it was created by the Endermen. (spoiler alert for gamougg 3) After defeating the Ender Dragon, the trio heads home to play video games.


Read it all in morgan freeman’s voice. COME AT ME, MORTAL!!!


Feels cringe, probably retconned now.