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Wait did @Ramshacklegamestudios add a blurr affect to his game

If you are talking about the image, not really. That is just the daylight cycle. There are other UI effects, like blood if you are taking fatal damage.

Wait can you tell me how to do that was this a new update or something?

@GrimProductionZ can you please just stick to your own Topics or ask Ramshacklegamestudios yourself instead of adding notifications to my topic. @MetaNinja your find cause you’re just responding to what he said, but Grim, can please just stick to the subject please, thanks.

Yo can someone at least answer my question smelly

You can ask your question on this discussion.

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Okay @johnpost I will try my best to get your review out by tomorrow, sorry for the wait.


Alright sorry, @johnpost. I’ve been a lot more busy this week than I though so I’m sorry for the wait, but I finally been able to get your review out.
Game art:
I know there really isn’t much of a style for game art since its a more difficulty based game, but I still think it looks really cool. I love the spike sprites, but their the only thing (other than coins, flags, and buttons) that include a more textured color scheme. I will probably have to give you a 7/10 for art, mainly since some of the sprites are just a solid color and don’t give off much detail, but I am able to tell what is what.
I can tell that it was somewhat based off of the famous Coolmath game, The World’s hardest game. But yours is a platformer version for the original is a top-down so I think the style is pretty unique. I will have to say 8/10 for style, mainly cause the concept was somewhat based off of another game, but you were able to make it seem different.
Game Play:
This one is pretty high, even though there are only four levels in the game, since each level is really hard It’s still pretty fun to play it. So I’ll give a 9/10 for this, mainly cause there is only 4 levels, but I still think their are a lot of gameplay.
I know your game is pretty much difficulty based so this was an instant 10/10 cause I still haven’t been able to beat any of the yet, lol.
Game Features:
I will have to say 9/10 cause the menu could use a little bit more detail, but I absolutely loved the level selection. So this one was pretty high just on its own.
Like I said before in previous reviews, Your game isn’t story based, so I’ll mainly start with the goal. There isn’t much of a reason to complete the goal or each level, but I’ll still give a 7/10 cause you game isn’t necessarily a story based game.
So, your final score is 8/10 at least I think cause I did everything in my head, lol. One reason I gave you such a pretty high score is because I absolutely love the simplistic look of the game and the difficulty of the game. I can’t wait to see how many more levels you tend to add and all I can say is keep up the good work!

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thanks for the review of DoM, that helps ramshackle and myself create what is needed. an enemy limit is definitely a must, and story/quests are on their way soon.


Your welcome @F3Art. I actually really like the game and can’t wait to see the finished result.

on the topic of games, @ManiacPumpkin what do you think the seconds boss of my game should be?

Hmm… I’ll have to give it a good think.

Maybe a boss that emits a laser instead of individual bullets so you cannot pass through it, but the laser won’t cover the whole map, it will be on a randomizing pattern, and maybe some bullets that will follow you 5 seconds after spawning, but make really long turns so you can easily avoid them without having too much trouble. Other than different bullet types I honestly don’t have any really good ideas.

I meant boss design not attack patterns lmao… but thats a good idea

Well, I know you said boss design, but I literally don’t have any good ideas. I can make a really detailed story-based game, but when it comes to an advanced bullet hell game such as yours, I can’t really think of anything. Even though I played a lot of them in my life, I still don’t have any good ideas.

welp, im thinking of like a big eagle based robot that flies around quickly and shoots are you from all angles. But I can’t do sprite art well

Well, I’m not particularly good at something like that, I’m not sure who can exactly help you with something like that, I don’t even know how to draw an eagle, much less a robot one, lol.

Thank you for the review!


I know I have been afk over the weekend, but I’m still up for reviews. I know BitWit is loaded so if anyone has any games that wants to be reviewed, that are currently posted for his, that would me from being bored, and probably help BitWit for lowering the amount of work that he has.

Also don’t be afraid to be criticized, lol.