The Pumpkin Previews (Closes until Further Notice)

Oh, thanks for the mini-review @ManiacPumpkin! And when did you last play it? It started production in 2019, and I made the last update last summer. If you can tell me where you stopped/got stuck at, I can tell you if there’s some more other stuff after.

And this is actually one of the things I’m trying to fix - A-Box had a repetitive sense to it, nothing really new (mainly due to being on free). I’m trying to find more creative ways in making a less repetitive walkthrough as I can with Sol - but I’m also possibly getting Indie as well in either December or January.

Anyways, thanks!

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@rcreger, is been almost a year since I last played it, so I can’t really tell you which part I got stuck at, I just know that it was only like five minutes into the game so i never did get really far. I know that I played it a few times why you were updating it. It was definitely before it became a featured game so I was a beta tester, lol.

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Oh dang @ManiacPumpkin , that’s REALLY early days. I think that was even before I finished making it. That’s definitely mid 2019 era.

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It would be awesome if you could review my game! You might have played it before, but if you have there should be new stuff since then.

I understand if it’s too laggy, I know I’ve had problems with that on my ipad before.
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@johnpost, yeah I’ve played your game before and I can’t wait to review it, sadly I don’t have enough time today so I’ll have to get right on that tomorrow after I get The Decimation of Mankind done.

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No problem, take as much time as you need!


Ok makes sense now (LIMIT)

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What makes sense, the name of the topic or…

I think he was talking about you saying that you’ll review Pixel Sports because it is an ongoing project.

Oooooh! Okay. (20 Characters)

YES (20 Character Limit)

Okay @Ramshacklegamestudios here is your review for the Decimation of Mankind
Game art:
Some of the houses/ structures had kind of a interesting color pattern, and did look a little small compared to the humans and infected people, but It did its job to simulate that there used to be human life there. I already knew that you were planning on updating the houses, but I keep mentioning it cause I can’t wait to see what else you are going to add. Other than that, I really like the art style, although the menu looked a little generic, but thats the classic DoM menu so I can’t really criticize you for that. I would have to say around maybe an 8/10 for art, cause there are some things that can be changed, but its still really good than most games.
I don’t play much apocalypse style games, but if I did, then I can definitely tell that your game describes that pretty well. There are a lot of zombie based or apocalypse games (that I’ve seen) on flowlab and yours probably has to be the best. Although I’m not calling the infected people zombies, I’m just suggesting that into that category since they are of similar type. I would have to say a 8/10 for style cause you definitely have one of the best apocalypse games on here, but it’s not entirely like a brand new theme or anything cause apocalypse style games are very plentiful, making a really good one can be ver challenging.
Game play:
I know that DoM is in heavy progress so you probably know that this might be a little low. To be honest, there isn’t much exact gameplay. You spawn in the middle of an abandon town and you are able to fight wretches and stuff and explore, but there isn’t much else to do. Although I’m sure that you might add quest, objectives, and stuff later on so I’ll give you a 6/10 for this, which can easily be change just from production.
I know your game isn’t difficulty based so I won’t add this one.
Game features:
Really like the menu, since you used the original DoM menu from every other game. Plus I like the fact that you included some slides of other game dev’s logos and stuff, that made the game feel really professional and I’ll give a 9/10 for that.
Story/ Goal
I would probably have to say maybe a half and half on this. Doctor Williams described a pretty good recap over what happened in the world and I can tell that it was well thought out, but when it comes to the game, there really isn’t much of an objective and the story just kinda stops. Like I said earlier I already know that the game is in development so i can’t really be to harsh on this, but I might have to give a 5/10, only because something like this game is probably going to be very story based and I know that there is going to be a lot more done to it in the near future.
Alright, let me grab my calculator real quick;
So your final score was 7.2 which to be honest isn’t at all a bad score for your game being in suck heavy development and there is still so much to be added. One update I’m waiting for is for enterable houses. I think your game can easily be able to get a higher score if you were able to enter houses, find loot, and maybe find survivors. Most of my requests you probably already have plans for since these are almost like common features for a game like that. So all I can say is good luck on your game and I’ll give it a quick play every now and then to see what’s new or what needs to be added. I just can’t wait for a game like this to be finished.

Also, while I was playing it, i did notice that there needs to be a cap of how many enemies there are cause um…

There was an army of wretches waiting for me at the town, lol. This can easily be changed by everytime an enemy spawns it will add one to a number behavior to the spawned and when the enemy dies, it send a signal to said spawned and when the number is below a certain number it will spawn more to add to that number. Well this might be a little buggy, so you might have to come up with a different solution. The reason I wanted to make such a big deal about this is because my ipad was running on three frames per second trying to load in that many enemies, lol.
Let me know when you need a re-review (at least let me know when a huge update was launched) and I can’t wait to see the results.

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Also if anyone just wants a private review and don’t want anyone else seeing your score then you can just message me privately so if most of you are afraid of getting a low score, then no one can laugh or make fun of you. As a game reviewer I only criticize your game for feedback and future knowledge, not to just see who gets the lowest score. To be honest, no one should be criticizing others work in a rude manor cause not everyone is a pro at game making and those first few games that you made, and you may think that their bad, those are important building blocks in the art of coding.

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wtf ok

next update enemy cap!

Enter able houses are already being made.

Survivors live inside the villages yes, but are only inside the houses at night (unless they are hunting)

tbh I was expecting like a 4.8/10 lol

survivors are going to wander around the plains and tame dingos, hunt infected (and wretches), kill each other (unless they are a friendly), kill you (unless they are a friendly), sleep, cook, and eventually die of bleeding out, bullet wound, head trauma, starvation, dehydration and getting infected


Do the friendlies crouch and give you sandviches?

sadly no… (da limit)

Darn, maybe put an easter egg where you can give them a sandvich and they dance like real friendlies

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LOL maybe…(intensely adds this amazing idea)

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ps do you have discord?

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