The Rush Project

I’m back to making new games again. This time it’s a boss rush.
About an astronaut who crashed on an unknown planet. He soon figures that his ship parts have gone missing and have scattered across the strange planet he was in. Knowing he would obviously run out of oxygen at some point, he decided to get to work and search for his ship parts. Unfortunately he didn’t know all of them were being guarded by beasts that had the intent of killing at first sight.

First Boss;

The Unidentified Crawling Snaggerback
Bilinibus Family
Scientific Name; Crawlinus Snaggerlicious
[Notes: This strange creature is bent on stealing shiny things from others or just taking anything shiny in general. It seems to be territorial and will try to kill any creature it sees near it’s home. It is highly recommended to not encounter such a beast unarmed.]
[Encounter Notes: It seems this creature has stolen my crates of food and snacks. Which is probably because they were wrapped in shiny plastic for the “space theme” my boss said. I could see that there had been this strange material that looked like a bomb around the beast’s home, I wonder how those could’ve been made naturally in a planet with no humans.]


5th Boss
The Humming Ceiling Wommicus
Goowarmian Family
Scientific Name; Hummer Womminoa
[Notes: This is the ceiling variant of the Humming Wommicus. As it is said in name, the Humming Ceiling Wommicus does indeed hum. This is because it uses echolocation to navigate. As searching through this vast planet I have come to the conclusion there is a Singing, Humming, and Silent variants of every Ceiling, Afloat, and Ground Wommicus’s. This Wommicus seems to snatch its prey off the ground and then wrap it in a strange substance which I will call Womigoo. The Womigoo seems to take a full minute melt the prey inside of it and then the Wommicus gets the proteins from the melted food and the Womigoo goes back into it’s mouth. The Wommicus also seems to eat bigger prey instead of wrapping it in Womigoo. Another important fact is that a ceiling Wommicus can indeed walk on the ground, but as it does it seems to become weak as it was born on the ceiling of it’s home cave. The only times it wanders on ground is to gather food from the outside if no prey are traveling around it’s cave, or to get prey that is seemingly difficult for it to get.]
[Encounter Notes: It seems the big teddy bear I had bought for my daughter back at Earth seemed like prey to the Wommicus. I must get it back, even if it’s just a toy.]


3rd Boss:
The Army Of The Blind Ground Snaggerback
Bilinibus Family
Scientific Name; Armayus Snaggerlicious
[Notes; These creatures may be 2 Feet tall but they sure do amazing things when together. They sorta work like ants I guess. They like to work together and make ear piercing sounds with their claws to communicate to each other through their horns. When a sound reaches its horn or at least a vibration gets to it, it can communicate to fellow Blind Ground Snaggerbacks and they would form an army of 10, or 50 if the target seems to be a bigger threat. They also seem to share prey with the rest of the pack hiding in a little mound. These creatures are incredibly intelligent and it is incredulous that they actually evolve into a much dumber creature, the Unidentified Crawling Snaggerback. Recent research goes to show that they seem to evolve into the Unidentified Crawling Snaggerback when they find a bit too much treasure and get attached to it. They then depart ways and grow to what I had first encountered on this vast planet.]
[Encounter Notes; Eek! What are these strange creatures!? They’re making such loud noises with their claws! It’s like their talking to each other without even speaking! What are they doing with my Space Engine!? Are they going to feast on it? I must get it back!]


By the way, the Encounter Notes are what the main character thinks of the enemy when he first encounters it. They show up and only show up at the beginning of a level.

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