The Scepter Foundation - Refraction

The introduction for some reason does that, but fixes itself when you reload the game. Sometimes the labels either aren’t invisible or they are in the wrong place, which doesn’t make sense since the code is correct. When you play the first time it does that, but once you reload it works.

Also for the mass of text at the top of the screen is the command window. You open it by pressing /.

This game is technically private, so you should have just messaged me through pm or something.

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Oh my bad… sorry

For the Introduction level, I think the reason behind the text not working when first loading up the game is probably a bug with the Once behavior.

The object for the dialogue has 8 bundles that all use a once behavior, along with another one outside of the bundles. I remember having issues when I have multiple Always or Once behaviors in the same level that sometimes they don’t trigger.

Always rarely breaks because it emits a constant signal, but Once tends to bug out more because it’s just a single signal at the start of the level. So I just created new inputs onto each of the 8 bundles so now the entire object runs on only one Once behavior. Hopefully this works now.

Also the test mode is bugging out now for some reason. Last I checked the game was fine, now I return to it falling apart.

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Alright, I was able to adjust some code and it should work, hopefully. I think it was because labels don’t work too well when there are multiple Once behaviors in the same object. I restarted the level and even re-opened it on a new tab, and I haven’t experienced any bugs so far.

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What if I stuck to an Isometric design?

It still looks a bit rough, but I actually like it better than the original map design. Mostly because it scales well with the player and enemies since they use 8 directional animations, so they already have isometric views when they go diagonal.

The original layout looked very bland, and it was very hard to decorate, but with this Isometric view, not only does it help show off the 3D element the original map was attempting to give, but it also helps give a better atmosphere with the 3D elements. I was struggling to find ways to make the original map at least visibly pleasing.

I also rearranged the players movements so when you go diagonal, it goes up at a slope of 2, so you walk parallel to the walls. Plus, I had to add a ton of extra code and bundles that changes the display order so the walls, player torso, legs, arms, and the crystal objects all display correctly. I wanted to get some feedback on this design before I make any rash decisions.


Of course, the Corrupt/Purple walls will have more weathering frames, so they won’t all be the same perfect shape as the normal dimension walls are. Just like the old Corrupt walls.

I’m kind of proud of the design since it only consists of two objects for the walls, which is the wall itself, and the border. Normally, Isometric sprites only work if it’s on size of 64 by 128 pixels or 2 by 4 grid size, but I didn’t want the sprites to be that large, so I had to work out some code, so it detects the walls X position, and if it’s an odd number, it moves up by 16 pixels or half a grid space. In the editor, it looks very ugly, but when playing the game, it works really well. It should only run code when on the screen to help on performance, since there will be a ton of these walls in the game.

The rooms will most likely be much larger and the doorways about another two segments larger, so the player doesn’t feel claustrophobic.


The editor is very atrocious, but the game looks amazing. I haven’t added the wall animations yet, but that’s about all I will probably add for tonight.


This looks dope! I hope you finish this game. Good luck


This new design is visual awesomesauce. Great work and I hope you finish!


I may end up removing the Homing missile ability altogether.

It worked really well in the original game, but I’m not so sure on it for the isometric game.
Plus it was kind of buggy, but it did work. I may have some sort of upgrade so all bullets in the future can home in on enemies than using a missile for it.

I’m also having an issue with the enemies health where for some reason, when they are in large groups, and in mow them down, sometimes they won’t take any damage, but they do still have a hitbox I believe, so I’m assuming it has something to do with their health bugging out. And it would just be easy to add a health system using only one projectile than using two different types.


I tried this one, and I couldn’t figure out what the heck I needed to do to make it work, lol.

It looks great!


The reason why the normal isometric shapes are 2 by 4 grid spaces, is so you can easily checker them in the editor. The only downside to that, is that the spaces are really big compared to my character. So, I created it 1 by 2 grid spaces, and have it detected the X position, so any of them that are on an odd grid space, move up by half a grid, or 16 pixels. That’s why the editor looks very chaotic, but the game is all lined up.


You should make an example game like this, it would be really helpful.

Here’s just some video evidence on the basic game mechanic. This video is linked from Discord so for anyone using a school device might not be able to view it.

I also got OBS on my PC so I was playing around with it and testing out the recording feature.


I know there are two different disappearing wall types, which are the ones that only appear in the normal dimension, and the ones that only appear in the corrupt dimension.

I only got the first ones done, so it just turns into a corrupted floor tile when you are in the corrupt dimension.
I still need to add the individual tile animations so it can also randomly generate holes in the floor to show the state of decay. That’s one reason I haven’t gotten to the corrupt walls as well, since I need to move all of the corrupted wall animations to it, so you don’t have a line of perfect walls or tiles when in either dimension.

I also spent a while debugging some display ordering issues, so they don’t overlap each other when the player moves up and down.

At starting value, the player is at a display order of 79 I believe, and the order goes up, the farther you go down the Y axis in the map, so the walls, and the player don’t overlap each other. The only downside to using this method is that the display order only goes up to 1000, so the map will be more linear than spread out.

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Here is the basic SCU helmet design. I plan to make an alternate version, but it’s not a full helmet, just a top and a face shield.

This particular helmet is mostly used for heavy containment, or for soldiers who have to encounter different entities.


Looks reminiscent of clone trooper helmets


Clone trooper Phase 2 helmet and armor is probably some of the best I’ve seen, since it covers most of the body and head, plus just has a really cool design in general.

The visor ended up being more narrow than I planned, so it’s not supposed to look like a Phase 1 clone trooper visor, but more like a face shield.

Plus there’s some other details I plan to add as well.


Ignore this post, I’m using this image as a reference for something and I was tired of having to go on my phone to look it up.