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“I know a lot of people probably don’t care about this or ever thought of it, but I’ve been wanting to start up a discussion like this ever since I saw Ramshackle responded to the public’s questions in the form of a terminal. I wanted to do something similar but in more documented forms that deal with the Scepter Foundation story and lore.

I have many games based off of characters and foundation sites based off of the short stories I write and I wanted to kind of explain a little bit about it to kind of get everyone more accustomed to it.

You all are allowed to ask questions, feedback, or even requests such as entity/creature ideas, gameplay ideas, or anything regarding the story. This was heavily inspired by the SCP Foundation and I know its a huge number of people running that versus a single person ran organization such as the Scepter Foundation. So I could use any help I can get, especially from close friends on the flowlab forums.

Anyway this discussion will be for the public such as actions I stated above and I plan on listing basic information on Entities, foundation sites, and incidents that regard said entities.

Just letting everyone know. This is just for entertainment purposes on the forums about the Scepter Foundation, its games and its stories. Please don’t distribute this material anywhere outside of the flowlab forums and I recommend not using any of this to make a game around unless asked beforehand.”

(Soon to be added to the Foundation)

“Thanks for your cooperation”

CEO of Site: 005


The Scepter Foundation Site: 005 Archive™

Here is a poll hosted to help get this discussion started up by what I should start explaining first.

  • Subject Documents
  • Entity classes
  • Site Details
  • Incident Short Story

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Subject Documents

  • This will be for showing and reviewing details and information of entities that are contained within various Foundation Sites around the world. These details include; origin, behavior, testing, and containment procedures.

Entity Classes

  • Entity classes help organize and rank entities based on the ability to be contained and the amount of threat they bring to the world, reality, and even other dimensions itself.
  • I might end up removing this form the poll and add it first since it’s kind of important to know what each class is. It just depends.

Site Details

  • Site details help explain the different purposes that specific sites do. Such as what Site: 005 or Site: 012 do and what entities they currently contain.

Incident Short Story

  • This will be more of a struggle to do since I only have two document incident or stories regarding the encounter of entities. Although they are quite lengthy, I’ll give just a small few paragraph summary over what happened and what entity(s) were involved. These will be quite limited so I wouldn’t suspect much of these to be added on the discussion.

“Thanks for your cooperation”

CEO of Site: 005


What is the main subject enemy?
I just wanna know


So far in the games and both incident articles it’s Subject: 009 or the Ceramic Skull. Since The Facility and in Flee he is the main entity (other than guards) that tries to kill you since it’s a Sub-2 Object Class (Which I’ll explain entity/object classes later) so he’s quite dangerous. In The Heuchler he was going to be added, but hasn’t yet.

Technically there really isn’t a main subject enemy since it mostly depends on the game or story that takes place. Such as Incident-003-1 was an encounter against Subject: 003. He was the only entity that took place during the story.

Although Subject: 009 was more of my favorite creation, he was mostly popular in many games and you can say he is the main enemy within the foundation, currently. There will probably be far more dangerous entities that threaten the universe than just what Subject: 009 is capable of.


Also I was going to close the poll to start adding a document that was requested from above, but it seems we have a tie against Incident Story and Subject Documents. If anyone wouldn’t mind maybe voting for one or the other that would be great fully appreciated, thanks.


I got you. There is no longer a tie!


The Scepter Foundation Site: 005 Archive™

Name: The Ceramic Skull
Entity Number: Subject: 009
Object Class: Sub-2
Clearance Level: Level 3
File by: [Redacted]

Subject: 009 has no set origin of its creation, but the Ceramic Skull was found in a small farm house in [Redacted] Tennessee. The Farmer of the property said he was out tilling his fields when he came across the interesting shaped skull. It first appeared to have been real bone, but once in the Scepter Foundations hold it was a ceramic.

The Ceramic Skull has weird properties and has super high defense of any damage such as fire, water, bullets, and other forms of destruction. It the skull if weakened, it starts to generate at a fast pace, which small scratches, the most damage ever done to it, started to fade away in mere hours.

The Skull soon left dormant and started to develop a thick acidic liquid around the skull forming what is known as Subject: 009. The liquid forms into a humanoid shape and is completely dark as if it was a solid shadow. It also had bright red eyes that peer form the darkness of the empty eye sockets. This entity appeared a threat and will attack and kill personnel and any organism within 10 meters or within eyesight of the entity. The Skull appears to be animate and the entity is capable of speech. It seems quite intelligent, but rarely does it ever speak.
Once out of dormant, its almost impossible to force Subject: 009 back into dormant, but it seems to do it automatically when its away from human presence for long periods of time, and only leaves dormant when the skull is threatened, even though there is no possible way of permanently damaging or terminating the skull.
This dark shadow around the skull has an acidity of a level 14 on the ph scale and can melt through just about every material except some metals that have a boiling point above 4,000 degrees celsius.

Subject: 009 is to be kept in a tungsten carbide room, that is 5 meters by 10 meters, with a height of 4 meters. Even though the entity can melt through many materials, it has a very low heat display and infrared cameras are placed outside of the cell to track activity at all times. The containment room must never be opened, even for cleaning at all times. Although when Subject: 009 is in dormant, the cell must be replaced every so often from the erosion of the acidic composition.

Subject: 009 is currently being kept at Site: 012 with 24 hour surveillance.

No testing has been conducted on Subject: 009 for its difficulty to be contained and threat.


Since the tie has been broken, Subject Documents have won! So the first Document (above) is over Subject: 009. Maybe sometime tomorrow I can kick out another one or I might explain the objects classes such as Sub-2 and stuff. Thanks to all who voted on the poll and I hope you enjoy.


Will SCP 173 be in this game?


No, he’s apart of SCP, the Scepter Foundation is all original. Although it was heavily inspired by SCP, but no SCP’s will be included in any stories or games.


I’m going to go ahead and post the document for Subject Classes so everyone knows what each class is that the entities are ranked by.


The Scepter Foundation Site: 005 Archive™

Name: Object Class
Clearance Level: Level 2
File by: [Redacted]

Object classes are a scale of different threats that an entity or contained subject may possess or cause on the human race.

The scale ranged from Safe level objects to Sub-4.


Safe Object Class subjects are those generally passive and do little to no harm. They include entities that have many beneficial properties that can be used or practiced during testing.


Caution Object Class is for entities that are still somewhat safe, but either bring some minor damages or effects towards humans. They generally don’t affect the public and only threaten one victim at a time, most of these entities are passive unless provoked.


Sub-1’s are entities that are quite dangerous to the public and some have harmful effects or can affect the public. These entities are rarely passive and most will instinctively attack or attempt to kill anything within proximity or when provoked.


Sub-2’s are entities that are quite dangerous to the public and overall humanity. These Subjects are difficult to contain and some can’t be contained at all. These entities are mostly terminated or destroyed when the chance is given because their altered physical form makes them immune to containment.

Global Threat/Sub-3

Sub-3’s are entities that threaten the entire existence of humanity and have the power to alter or destroy all physical life on planet Earth. They could have dimension warping properties, alter reality, or can alter time. These entities are almost impossible to contain.


Sub-4 classed entities are those of immense power. They are impossible to contain in any holding cell or even to monitor. They have the power to destroy and overlap dimensions. Sub-4 entities are mostly sentient beings and live amongst the population of earth or don’t wish to bring harm upon the universe, but they are still kept documented and monitored of their appearances to hopefully avoid any danger they may imply.


Entities that are labeled as terminated have been destroyed or disposed of so that no physical remains are left. These entities don’t prove a threat to humanity anymore.




Massive lore Drop
well first this is gannon I quess;

Also this;

(danylo being the sientisct you play as the facilety.)
and this is gannon to(maybe);


I’m just gonna say it. Those were the names you kept calling them so I figured by calling the characters by the names you supposedly made then it would have been easier to explain and understand.

But Jeremy being Subject: 009 and danylo are not gonna be canon. I guess those could be nicknames you can give, but Subject: 009 is called the Ceramic Skull and the scientist in the facility is nameless because there is never really a chance to ever know his name.

In the short incident stories you will start to hear about a lot of different characters that are named, but I’ll add those later.

The Scepter Foundation Site: 005 Archive™

Name: The Suffering Man
Entity Number: Subject: 001
Object Class: Safe
Clearance Level: Level 1
File by: [Redacted]

Subject: 001 is a white caucasian male. Usually dressed or found wearing an old medic military uniform from the Vietnam war, despite his age of being approximately 32 years of age. Although he claims to have fought in the war, this entity isn’t known for having any time traveling abilities so this could have been the cause of his immortality. Although he is known for having been a U.S. medic, staff sergeant (E-6), in the vietnam war around 1963. Although any other information is unknown for Subject: 001 denies to speak of his past.

Subject: 001 has immortality, but constantly weeps at the flashbacks of events that he avoids speaking of. Other than immortality, he has the ability to swap health positions between himself and his patient. On Subject: 001 Test-13 an injured field agent, [Redacted], was brought upon Subject: 001, suffering from an inflicted gun wound. Subject: 001 laid his hand on the wound and suddenly the wound was gone and the agent was in perfect condition. Although Subject: 001 suddenly started to bleed profusely through the chest cavity which was a bullet hole. In the exact same position where the field agent had it originally. Subject: 001 is known for having an abnormally high pain tolerance than most living beings.

Although he still is in pain even when no wound has been placed upon him. The Foundation believes that he still suffers from previous wounds, even though there is no physical scarring. Since Subject: 001 still suffers from wounds he obtained even after they healed, he should have died almost immediately from the pain, but he never seems to die from any wound or even get weaker.

Subject: 001 has been through numerous testing, mainly healing field staff or front line soldiers in the U.S. army. Although Subject: 001 may swap health positions, he can’t inflict pain or damage onto other patients or entities, but there is a limit to how much injuries he can take. Usually when he reaches capacity he curls up in a ball and weeps from the pain and usually is immobile for a few hours or up to weeks, depending on how severe the injuries, he obtained, were. Although he cannot regenerate lost limbs of his patients and if a corpse is presented, he seems as if it’s an inanimate object. Since Subject: 001 is in constant distress, any victim within sound range for a period of time tends to be tested for depression and some even had suicidal thoughts, but no one currently has died due to this effect.

Although many staff wanted to terminate Subject: 001 for he is in constant suffering. Many tests have been created to end Subject: 001’s life, but all have failed, surprisingly none have ever affected him at all. Which leads to believe that Subject: 001 can only receive harm of his own free will and that his pain was caused by his own doing.

Since Subject: 001 poses no threat to any entity in his presence, he is put in a basic square containment cell, monitored by level 1 clearance staff. Although usually transported to a level 3 containment chamber for testing.


If he poses no threat, why don’t they let him go?

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The reason he’s contained, mostly because he has abnormal abilities that are still not yet identified. Although he is contained in the Scepter Foundation, doesn’t mean its a bad thing. Safe class entities or organic entities usually live in quite luxury in the Scepter Foundation, but aren’t allowed to be released mostly because they simply don’t belong in our universe. It’s much better to keep entities such as Subject: 001 confined in secret or else other organizations could profit or weaponize the abilities.
The Scepter Foundation only wants to protect the public from any abnormal abilities and to only study and identify how each abnormal entity works and the real origin of where they came from or how they came in possession of such abilities.


Oh ok. So the Scepter Foundation is like a forced asylum for safe entities?


In a way, yes. But they also contain entities that are much more dangerous. Since Safe entities don’t prove much of a threat, but humanity could thrive off of their ability, they aren’t treated like dangerous entities. It’s mostly just a way to monitor safe class activity while also studying the full potential of their abilities.