The Scepter Foundation - Refraction

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Well, this is still a concept, I can’t figure out a good way to start the story out of without explaining too much and having a slow start, but also make it interesting enough and for the reader to question themselves to read more.

Which is pretty difficult as a writer.

Here’s what I plan on:


Currently I’m remaking an older concept story which was formerly called Iron Oxide, but I’m changing it to something else. I’m not entirely sure if it will be related to the Scepter Foundation series, but it’s a dystopian world where humanity was put into cities enclosed in large metal capsules and were sealed from the world. 2000 thousand years later, the canopy of the city opened up and now it’s just a giant wall keeping humans from escaping the city. The Order was once a human rubbed government, but soon was taken over by a AI system that was put in place to govern and enforce the laws set by the forefathers of the city. Although most of the politicians were ran out and only one was left, but locked himself in a control facility inside of the city. Then 100 years later, the story starts off about a guy names Zackery Stanson, who is apart of Construct Corp. which recycles waste and repurposes it for construction. Zack then wonders what could possibly be outside the wall and why did the Order prevent them from ever leaving, since it was almost 2000 years ago when it was in play, it could have been lifted and the world would be safe for humans, but no one knows what happened to earth for humanity to escape to massive shelters or why it’s still in affect.

The story starts off slow, but it’s an interesting concept to keep the reader theorizing on the future of the story. My teacher read the original version and was actually hooked on it. It was 50 pages long and never got outside the wall, which the outside is gonna be a majority of the story, but I didn’t like many details I threw in between, so instead of editing them out of 50 pages, I’ll just rewrite the whole thing.

I’ll eventually continue on the game, but I’ve been super busy this month, including school, work, and a lego transformers contest. (Which isn’t important, but it could build a name for my channel).


This is epic! Love the work ManaicPumpkin :star_struck: :+1:


Well At least I dont have to download the real scp game, its here in flowlab


I guess it’s a spin-off of SCP, but it’s more on a smaller scale than SCP. Since SCP has 6000+ entities. I’m barely reaching 30. But that’s the idea, to make a game that’s small enough so that people can follow it more.
But there’s still a lot of lore.

Currently there’s the Site: 006 Incident which took place before the Site: 012 Incident which is what my current game is about. It took place Aug. 16th, 2016 (I think).

It also deals with different entities and the overseers. Making a game about them is much harder than writing a novel, so I might end up traversing the entire Foundation to strictly writing. I’ll still finish the game, but this would be later down the road. There’s just way to much to make games about. So many different/possible stories over each entity, field agent, overseer, possible incidents in other dimensions (like the current piece I’m writing).
It sounds complicated now, but the books are more able to explain stuff more clearly and can be organized better.
The game would end up like fnaf which I don’t want.


“The humans think I’m just another one of them, but I’m far more than what the human mind can perceive. Too many physical forms in this world to count. I’m the one who opened the fracture, creating the other side.”



I’m getting to the point where the lore so far has been documented and it’s getting a bit boring. Time to make a ton of new characters. Site: [Redacted] that shouldn’t exist. Other worldly wars. Dr. [Redacted], the creator of Subject: 010 from another reality and his other creations far deadlier.
Stories within the walls, from facility guards, SCU agents, and high chieftains, ranging from a variety of companies and squadrons.
The two new overseer electives to increase the council to 5 members. Striving for 7.
An entirely new program other than the failures of the Wystan Program.
And probably a lot more.
I plan on writing an entire ever evolving book series on each story. I’m currently writing an entire summary so far. Hopefully making short stories told by the point of view of different Subjects.
With a concept like this, it’s ever expanding. I’ll try my best to still keep it small enough for people to understand. Most of this is far beyond the game, there might be references to some events though.


Subject: 016 (I think)
Tarantula Garganta

This entity is more of a gene defect than a creature. This gene is caused by random pores of radiation leaked all around the world from the fractures of worlds. It causes some spiders of various species to grow to abnormal sizes and some have been recorded to be the size of houses.

They grow a tough exoskeleton that can deflect smaller bullets, minor explosions, and can take quite a fall. The arachnids will sometimes form shells from random materials it’s able to find, such as bodies of cars or random scrap. It’s webs are almost similar to titanium wire and it can also produce an acidic substance that can bind a variety of metals and other materials together to form shells around their bodies. Some manage to form entire armor around the abdomen and legs as well.
They are nocturnal and only come out out night, feeding on live stock, or large wildlife if possible. They mostly stay in dark areas or reside in large trees during the day, away from civilization.

A large outbreak happened near a spike in radiation and the Foundation is unable to contain the gene from spreading to future generations of spiders. The current procedure is extermination with heavy artillery by the SCU.

I’m gonna start continuing adding more entities to help further the list. Many entities are more throw in, such as this one. It don’t have much of a story, but more if something for arachnophobia.
I don’t have many creature like entities, mostly shadow or robot based. I hope to eventually expand the entities.


I literally had a brain poop I forgor this entity.

Subject: 017
If you played the game for it, it should explain some of it. This is the fear of pain or supposedly trauma. It’s an entity that feeds off of the fear and lack of sanity of those who suffer from ptsd and can cause victims to fall into comas or never ending nightmare of reliving the pain they experienced in the past, with a new twist, he’s there with you.

The entity is described as many different things from those who successfully recover from it. But it’s mostly described as an old box tv that seems to float off the ground, but had a shadow resembling a body. The screen is usually static, but will show quick images of memory fragments or objects the victim feared or remember during the event.

Like in the game, you were a kid who survived a car crash that killed both your parents. But you soon fell into a coma and relived your memory living a normal life after the event, but constantly suffer from it as memory fragments haunt you with guilt and depression. The memories have ways to escape the false reality and very few have successfully escaped. Those who get caught by Subject: 017 within the trance go into a permanent vegetative state where the brain just completely dies. Leaving the rest of the body alive and working, but no soul is left. Trapping it into eternity, living the same horror.

It only effects a select few who experience severe trauma in their past and has even happen immediately after an event has occurred. There’s no telling when or why it happens, but there’s no containing of the entity except by dream walking. (A very dangerous procedure that can contain entities that don’t have a physical form, but haunts the mind).
Not quite sure on how this procedure is possible, maybe a Subject: 010-B or something.

This entity also features in the site: 012 incident.


Subject: 018 (just kicking these out tonight)
Mimic Mask

This entity is an object that was created with Subject: 010 by Dr. [Redacted], the creator of the machine, which gained a power so unique it was soon classified as its own entity. The mask is a simple white mask that covers the users face completely and has a strap to hold onto their face. The mask is completely blank and has no face or expression until used.
When within contact if an entity, the mask will soon steal the power of the entity leaving behind dust, an empty vessel, or nothing at all. That entities ability is absorbed into the mask and the user had the ability to use those affects while the mask is worn. The face on the mask will change into the last entity it absorbed and the powers will stack overtime. The more entities it absorbs, the more powerful it becomes.

It has currently taken 5 different entities, most with minor powers and can allow the user to be a Sub-2 entity while worn. This entity is to be contained from all personnel and tests are restricted. The Foundation can’t risk giving it too much power.

The mask can’t be destroyed, but it can be wiped of all abilities absorbed on it by putting it through Subject: 010. But it will bring the entity it absorbed back to reality unless it stole a power from a victim of Subject: 010, in which is destroyed forever unless a future user gains it by chance.

This was a unique idea. Might not add this to the game, but would make for an interesting short story and item.


Subject: 019, Dreamlifter MK-II.
This machine was created by the Foundation to enhance the chemical makeup of the user to be able to easily lift from reality and have the ability to wander about the consciousness of others. This is a very dangerous procedure, also known as dream walking, to help aid the victim in phycological torture or illnesses caused by entities or mental diseases the victim has gotten. The user has to be delicate wandering in the minds of others or else the mind could start to decay. Another issue is sometimes pulling the users consciousness back into their body after.


Subject: 071, Racist Teletubby.
This Teletubby is a mysterious magenta color and has a perpetual scowl. He is immensely racist to the point of hating all races unequally and has earned himself the fearful title of “Discrimination Master”. All anti-racists and Teletubbies alike fear him. His real name is Racisto Rondo and he teaches kids what not to do politically. The regular Teletubbies banished Racisto from Teletubbyland many years ago. The Foundation ensures that Racisto can never escape them and return to Teletubbyland to cause racially charged havoc ever again.


Okay then…


Subject: 139, Shrek Alternate Dimension Albus Dumbledore (SADAD).
This version of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore comes from a dimension where everyone worships Shrek. Like the rest of his dimension’s people, he is a devout worshipper of Shrek. After travelling to another dimension through an onion consumption ritual, he met the Albus Dumbledore of that dimension. Shrek followed the Dumbledore that worshipped him and told him to [REDACTED] and then dance around him. That Dumbledore obeyed, and a magical censorship rectangle appeared to cover him.

Overall, SADAD is a harmless entity (unless you attack his Shrek religious wizarding school), but his devotion to Shrek may confuse and/or disturb those who are not from his dimension.


This is my fan idea, hope you like it
[read in Chills’ voice]
Subject: 015, Burger King Fungal Lettuce
The Foundation collaborated with Chills to safely extract and contain the infamous “Burger King Foot Lettuce” to prevent anyone from catching foot fungus. The infected lettuce is a level 5 threat to society and must be stopped. Containment measures include forceful fecal matter contamination, forceful human waste spray on the lettuce, a maximum security cell, and hallucinogens. This is not the original Subject: 015. The original Subject: 015 has been reclassified as Subject: 025. This particular batch of Burger King lettuce has been shown to have some abnormal properties such as food immortality (it never goes bad), a very unique brand new variant of foot fungus, resistance to urine corruption, and the sudden uncontrollable urge to act like a parrot and copy whatever it’s discoverer, Chills, says. This special foot fungus is lethal and should not be let out into the world at any cost.


Well, I’m not planning on making entities based around memes. I want the seriousness to be there and not a lot of jokes.

There might be Easter eggs, but they will only relate to inside jokes of the facility games instead of outside memes because I feel it kind of downgrades the game.

Like adding big chungus as a subject would ultimate make the game look poorly made and there isn’t much creativity.

I like the ideas, but if it’s not entirely original or if it’s based around a meme, I probably won’t add them in the game. Like how I was doing.

Some entities may seem more like joke entities, but I try to keep them serious enough to fit the theme.


Ok but what about the lore potential?

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From what I’ve heard from Racists teletubbies, Shrek dimensions, and Foot lettuce, I don’t think it will be anywhere near the lore.
Mostly because they are just memes and don’t have much originality. I will gladly give credit for the characters you create, but they have to be completely created by you, not a interesting story with meme characters.