The Scepter Foundation - Refraction

I just store everything on several different google docs. Plus I usually post different ideas on the discord and forums.


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The city was dead silent. Curfew had started to set, but very few remained awake. The moon illuminating above, only the silence would be short lived.

Year 2423

A marching army had approached. The Order Core.
“Stand aside of your new leaders. Your government has already fallen!” A loudspeaker had awoken majority of the citizens. Many rushed out to view a large convoy of various military vehicles heading down the inner roads. A stay police officer had stepped outside of his car as a large tank rolled past.
He slowly pulled out his weapon as he began to complain the new change before a heavy caliber gun had fired off, reducing his top half to mere paint onto his car. The locals started to scream and evacuate their homes.
“Do not be alarmed of the Order, all civilians remain in your homes or be exterminated.” The speaker erupted again. The civilians crowded the streets in panic and the vehicles were unable to profess further.
An officer waved his arm as several heavy soldiers stepped forth. Equipped with armor enough to weigh that of several soldiers and wielded a large caliber machine gun. Flickers of lights bounced off the building fronts as the mass was reduced to a river. Many stayed inside their residence in fear while the visible count were picked away. Gunfire started from the buildings. Some civilians were fighting back. The semi auto bullets only slid off the armor. But their rebellion was soon silenced.
Earth had fallen, to the Order.


I’m reviving this so it’s easier to get back to.

I didn’t realize how much story concepts and characters had been lost on this discussion so I’m gonna attempt to read all 1500 posts. I’ll let you know of my findings.


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Yeah I know. It’s just trying to find the exact number is a challenge.


Anyway, I just read through and found about half a dozen characters I forgot about. I’ll post them eventually. Plus I found a few different concepts I would like to post about as well.


I forgot about the Ring that increases stamina and speed, but has a wear on your heart and body. It’s literally in the Site: 012 Incident game and I never officially listed it as an entity.

Same with the Natures Wrath. A virus or bacteria that increases vegetation growth allowing it to destroy and infect harmful victims near it. Based on the idea to cleanse earth of humankind’s destruction. This is a concept in the game as well, but hasn’t been fully developed yet.

I plan to make a watch that allows the user to travel backwards in time by 30 seconds. It does take a while to recharge.

I haven’t forgot about Molic, but I do plan to add her to the list soon.

I forgot the soldiers of the Ghastrion Empire called Reflections. Basically humanoid entities made up of thin shards of reflective glass that can mimic attack patterns. Not a Subject or really anything important, but a nice addition.

Another item (mostly for the Dnd campaign) is a gold coin that has a bear trap like design on its face and will bite and distract anyone who views it with greed than a tool. Basically anyone who is unsure of the coin being anything else will get bit while it’s in their pocket. Kind of dumb, but this was a funny design.

I also plan to add Material into the Dnd campaign as well since he acts like a mimic and can disguise itself as items.

Plus I forgot the Remnants of a past future, and a few other ideas as well that never were added to the list.

I even forgot Ruination, Mith of Mordil, Turbine, and a few other recent characters I created as I jot my ideas down on here and not my google doc which makes it very hard to navigate and find.


He returns


I forgot, but material is already in the game. He disguises as a keycard and suffocates you when you interact with him. Causing a quick time event to occur.


“We’re just soldiers. With the image of a world free of war, is what drives us forward. Only it first showed just the conflict between men. We were not prepared for what we truly feared.”


“There is a little milestone I strive for. The world where Librocus stays on, alongside the many empires around it. The Ghastrion Empire will be quite a challenge with the others by its side. I feel it’s best that we strike at it’s roots and rid the Imperidem Kingdom from their group. I do believe that you, Necra, can handle the task?”

A large, four armed figure leaned over an engraved table of an ancient wood. The room too very dark to see the walls, except for the dim lanterns barely visible in the distance. He places his attention towards Necra, one of the generals under his reign, only she was the only human he entrusted.

“They’ll be no problem my lord.” She replied as she made herself visible. Her face was hidden by a decorated skull mask. Her long dark hair swaying to her shoulders.

“The armies will be strong and I’ll send you off with Hydricus and the army he possesses.”

“With all do respect, sir. I’m more than capable of handling them on my own.”

The figure settled into his throne.

“Your human form may possess the abilities to defy death, but you’re still vulnerable. I would prefer to keep you alive. The two of you will have no trouble obtaining victory over them. You’re a valuable asset to the field, and you greatly underestimate your enemies. Even with the war in our favor, there’s never no room for risks.”

She remained silent. Another figure was at the opposite end of the table. Their appearance was unknown.

“As for you. I have a little pest back on Earth. One of my weaker forms was dissipated by a human who claims the powers of day and night. I believe you can defeat or at least prevent their succession in aiding Cabenus in their victor.”

The figure at the end moved into a ray of light that illuminated the table. His face was still darkly presented, but he had three eyes over his head. And the structure that abnormal of a human. Almost like a jaw of a canine, but still hard to tell. He was one of the more powerful generals in the chaos legion, Triptig.

“It’d be a pleasure.”

His replied in a grin that seemed to illuminate on its own. Devious motions were setting forth.


Two chaos command vessels soon broke through the atmosphere. One belonging under Necra’s rule. The other, Hydricas. The Imperidem was a warful nation.
The first ship was struck as the sky glowed with gunfire from the castles cannons.

“Lady Necra, the shields have weakened drastically and several rounds have pierced the hull.” An officer approached as Necra sat quietly on the bridge. Overwatching the gunfire hit the thermal shield around the ship. The force of the pressure causing the shield to wear thin.

“We’re almost to the castle, but we’re still over the sea. With another fatal hit, the ship won’t reach the castles walls.” The officer spoke again.

Necra stood up from her throne and looked towards the officer. “The Imperidem is quite a powerful force, but I’m sure they’ve had some losses in their time of war. What good to me is a soldier to be alive?”

A cannon shot fired through the ships engine, causing the officer to stumble, but Necra almost seemed fixed to the ship.
The entire vessel hurled out it the air, closer to the waters.

Hydricus’ ship remained unharmed as it passes overheard. Necra laughed maniacally as the ship hit the water. Explosions erupted from the rear as the ship dissolved under the waves.

“Hydricus? We just lost Necra’s vessel? Should we send a rescue?” One of Hydricus’ first commanders approached him. Hydricus head was hooded, along with the rest of his body encased in a thick glistening armor and the very cloak running down his back. He remained in his seat within the bridge. The Doomlayer was much larger than Necra’s vessel and was equipped with much more firepower, allowing it to stay its path.

He rose his hand, which revealed a long sword etched with symbols across its face. “There’s too much conflict in the air to release any rescue. Besides, now that the ship and crew are dead, it’s only a matter of time before they storm the walls.”

The Doomlayer continued to the castle, firing away at any hostile in the direction. Large military vehicles had covered any available land. Armored soldiers beside them, all firing into the air as the Doomlayer approached. But the Imperidem wasn’t focused on the waters.

There was a green hue in the waters before an ancient Imperidem ship came afloat onto the surface. The hull was made for space, hardly a worthy sea carrier, but it had managed to stay afloat. The crew on board had all been dead, but reanimated. Once powerful defenders of the Imperidem Kingdom, now pawns under Necra.

Thousands of undead soldiers slowly arose from the waters and onto the dry land. Most of their bodies held together by the weathered armor, but they were strong enough to walk and hold a weapon. Necra was walking aboard the undead ship as a few of her undead officers followed. She has reanimated an entire army. Thousands of years of warfare in the ocean now at her disposal. The very corpses and soldiers laid to waste are now alive once more. Quickly outnumbering every soldier of the Imperidem to thousands to one.

Soon came the fall of the Imperidem Nation.


The 10-As have always been loyal to the Foundation. Most were created under Earl Wystan and as artificial vessels, they were thought to have no other sentience other than what they were made for. The same mindset of a soldier, and their undying loyalty to protect Earth.

Until one in particular, Planek. Subject: 10-A-[Redacted] was thought to have the power to control and utilize materialistic items around it. Despite being the only 10-A with a feminine frame, it was probably one the strongest 10-As to ever been forged as she had abilities that exponentially increased alongside fighting and even generated new ones. Eventually having the ability to almost slow time and manipulate emotions. She was never documented or ever publicly presented except during protection campaigns as her physical form was more welcoming or appearing than most of the other 10-As.

The Foundation wasn’t aware of this ability that allowed Planek to constantly evolve by the day. But she randomly disappeared. She even grew past the point of programming and became a sentient being.
Planek was never known for harming humans, and was often seen associated with them even after her disappearance. After two weeks after her absence, there was a massive energy surge near the deep forests of [Redacted] and she was never heard of again.
The Foundation was unsure if she had managed to leave Earth in search of purpose or she was not only killed, but eradicated to dust by something else. With the same mindset to protect Earth, but gained freedom to act without the Foundations permission, probably lead to her finding a Sub-4 class entity to her death, or maybe she even evolved past the protection of humans and sought peace elsewhere. It is still unknown, but the Foundation dreads the idea of a Sub-4 or possible Sub-5 entity on Earth.

Another interesting 10-A fact: Most of the 10-As were separated into teams based on characteristics and traits. One being the Genesis or also known as one of the first teams of 10-As. They are commonly split into SCU battalions to help aid in combat against dangerous entities, but Genesis was the first team of only 10-As and no SCU or human involvement. Which consisted of Monitor, Soundboard, Doc, Smithy, Gigabyte, and Benson. (Most of them you probably haven’t heard).


I was looking through the archive a little bit and I have like over 120 different characters. That’s not even including many variations such as Wrath of Nature or Moonwanders creating many infected beings or beings like Necra raising the dead. These are literally 120 thought out characters including Overseers, entities, Foremakers, etc that have immense backstories and all interconnect to each other.

I probably have about another 50 or so characters I had forgotten about, but I think that’s a pretty huge milestone.

Also I have like 50 entities, but most of them are items that I didn’t even count.


uhm, idea:
The Blightbringer is an extremely large creature, so large in fact that those not in the know mistake it for a distant star. It has been slumbering for 300,000 years. When it awakes it immediately starts seeking out a planet to feed on, after feeding for about 1800 years it goes back to it’s slumber.


The Foundation has now initiated the Death’s Row Units. They will not be used for recontainment, but the eradication and termination of any hostile threats.

This program was first proposed by Hast, Overseer of the termination division. After the Site: 13 Incident and having no force to balance out the anomalous cult, the Death’s Row squad was then constructed.

If any Facility or remote location is under the threat of an entity or of any parasitic being, these units will be dispatched to remove and incinerate any trace.
The first legion of these super soldiers are lead by Captain Hue Harvey alongside Subject: 010-A Gutter.

Volunteering soldiers will undergo painful procedures to usually replace most of their skeletal structure with a titanium alloy alongside implanting chips and other digital components to increase awareness and reactions of their abilities. Artificially making them view the world at a slower pace. Mechanic androids are also produced and piloted from a distance, but testing has not yet been conducted on the success of artificial soldiers. Only humans and 10-As have been elected as the Death’s Row units.