The Serpent's Temple - Summer Flowjam 2021 | JR 01


The Serpent’s Temple

In ancient times, Temples imprisoned beings of destruction and chaos. In The Serpent’s Temple, a great snake roams the dungeons in rage. Endlessly seeking for power to escape the temple and bring chaos upon the world once again.

Control the Serpent by swiping in any 4 directions. The serpent will sleep if he collides into any hard structures, even itself, several times. Even so, he has short invulnerability from the numbing pain. Eat the Power Fruit to become stronger, faster, and longer. The quicker you eat, the higher your score will be!

Flowlab Game Creator - The Serpent's Temple

Well, here is my Flowjam game for Summer 2021. There’s not too much, but I did as much as I can. Me and the boys (Me, Sugarcube/Baronwasteland, and Mhx) have been very busy throughout the Jam and didn’t have much time, but we finished this in the last hour of the Jam.

I’ve spent about 4 days on this game, Sugarcube is out (but he was able to get a few sprites with his phone), and Mhx did 2 of the soundtracks today alone. It’s a very last minute game I would say haha.

The game is a slight twist to the old favorite Snake game, with a live system, invisibility, time bonus, and a fun new mode to try out. Finishing in the last hour really didn’t give me time to get Feedback, so suggestions are appreciated.


I enjoy that you did exactly the same thing I did last time… I made a snake game in that last minutes of the jam as well. I really like the snake artwork and how it moves. Also, adding the hearts and making you lose a life if you go out of bounds.

I like it!


I remember King Cobra, Snake is a fun game to make but there was a lot to be desired on the art after passing the title screen. Replaying it now, I didn’t even realize it changed colors haha.

I wanted to make the game a more fun challenge and wanted to take out the instadeath. With the short amount of time, I like how it turned out.
Glad to hear you like it :slight_smile:


I wonder if anyone found the secret button…


Okay, well now I’m looking for one XD


Is it the one that changes the games RGB?


Yep, they were all made to change for the game, so I wanted to put the option somewhere…