The spawn behavior doesn't make any sense to me.

Yes, I have read the Flowlab User Guide on this

The setup looks like this…


The timer is set to every 10 seconds repeatedly, and I want the object to spawn at (17, 4), but when I run this the object keeps spawning at (-1, -1) or somewhere around there. I also tried putting number value blocks and connecting them manually to the spawn behavior and it did the same thing.

The spawn values are determined by pixels (32 pixels=1 block). You can decide on which grid you want it to appear, multiply both X and Y values by 32 and then you’ll probably have the co-ords you want.

@Luminous Oh thats strange how that works, Ill try this out tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

WOW! you could of told me that Luminous.

never minded