The spikes don't work in level two

I started working on level two of my game and the spikes don’t work at all. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work help

Edit I fixed it

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Please post a link to your game or take a screenshot of the flowchart so we can determine what the problem is.
If this problem only occurs on one level, make sure that one of the two objects (either the player or spikes) has a collision behavior that triggers upon contact with any object of the other type.

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Hey I looked into it and you have multiple spike objects, so the first spikes you encounter in your game do nothing since you are detecting for collision for “spikes”. The beginning ones are “new type ##”. So go to your library and delete all the other spike sprites except for the one named “spikes”, then just clone them over your world again.

Heres the link for his game I found it on his profile Flowlab Game Creator - Dingo adventure

You have a different player object :skull:.

Please do this

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