The Stack Project!

Hello, Flowlabbers!

So, lately, I’ve been quite obsessed with the potential of Spritestacking. I can literally 3D model sprites for Isometric games!

I’ve been experimenting with a request from the Flowlab community, which was to spritestack a mech.
These are my spritestacks I’ve done so far:

My first project

and the racing level for my Vironia saga.
I’ve been working on the mech project, and I thought it would be fun to MAKE A SPRIESTACKING CONTEST!

Theme: Mech
Timeline: One day from the start.

Do you want to join?
  • Yup
  • Nope

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If not, please state why.


I would, but:

A. I don’t know how to spritestack
B. I will be travelling soon, preventing me from doing A


I learned how two days ago. It’s fun.

Cool, where?

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Sure, I will if more people join. Although mine won’t be very good

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OK, I think it’ll be fun. Also, the winner will be decided by the community.

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I thought you were paranoid about these things…


I might join…

Maybe, I’m not sure yet.

Sounds fun.

I have sprite stacked multiple times before but never to try to make something creative… all the times were for a set plan I already had and I wanted it to look one certain way, which makes it feel like a chore… so this might be nice.


Time. I have no time for it, otherwise maybe. I’ve done quite a few things with sprite stacking before, but just typically like other styles better.


I might join in if I’m available; I’m just moving in to my college this week so idk if I’ll have freetime or not.


Should we save it for saturday?

The youth retreat is going from friday-sunday so I don’t think that would work for her either.

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Don’t set up any times if it’s not a legit competition with a reward. If it’s just for fun, set a deadline rather than a start time. Set a deadline for something like Monday or Sunday.

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Ok, I’ll make it from Saturday to Monday.


The contest starts today!

Timeline: 8/19/2023(Today) - 8/21/2023(Monday)
Theme: Mech


-A 2x2 hitbox
-WASD and/or Arrow movement
-12+ layers
-Size 1-2 pixel art for the layers

@DinoDev @Flying_Fajita @DraftyScienceCoat75 @paisleypug


I think that these rules are kind of obnoxious for an art contest, and if you add that onto the fact I’m busy all day Sunday, I have decided I will not be participating.

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sneak peak at my model, i’m using a special technique to make it

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Shame, I am sorry to hear that.

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