The story behind: Flowlab All stars

flowlab all stars takes place in the realm of light. in each universe (each universe where all the characters from the people that were featured) a hero is chosen and is brought to the realm of light to defeat the darkness (that found its way in) and save the realm of light! Thats one of the reason swhy i featured other peoples sprites in the game. Because they were the chosen heroes, get it? can they save the multiverse from this powerful dark force, or will their universe live in despair for all eternity. find out when i get indie lol

Obviously Sam and Cross is the best ones lol

this was a great idea honestly i cant wait till you get indie

Thanks, and when i get indie, wayyy more stages, playable characters, bosses, and more will be added! and online mode will be added too!

lol (at least 20 characters)

if anyone has any ideas on the story, feel free to say so :slight_smile:

I think you should make (or ask for) some original music, and change the name to Flowlab All Stars instead of Flowlab Smash All Stars

i changed it, tbh, i like that name better


So, how I’m seeing it is that a large dark mass has entered into the center of these several realms (light v dark), and with it’s titanic size and mass, is drawing all of the other realms closer to it. The players of each realm would encounter strange phenomenon, and experiencing other game’s enemies/obstacles. At some point near collision, the Bosses start arriving - and so do the other game characters. They fight, battle, etc.

However, it’s all in vain… They collapse into the heart of the dark mass, and they find… I dunno, one of the biggest bosses. Perhaps all of the antagonists of the games merge, or create an alliance to create something awful. All I know is the darkness is an evil force, and is corruptive and has capabilities of making imagination into reality. So have fun with that:)

Once defeating the final boss(es), the camera zooms out of the universe, revealing this was actually in the imagination of an anonymous indie game developer. Allegoryyyyyyyy

WOAH! I didn’t know that playable characters had too be good guys! Cross is a REALLY BAD guy lol @rcreger @XXD3G

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xD .__________________. ohhhhhh

Yeah cross is uhhh…he’s really demented and insane…

sry crosses player out

WHAT! I know he’s a bad guy, but he could be kinda like how the suicide squad is…he’s a bad guy whos forced to do something good or something

joking, ik, i was going to come up with that idea, hes sent to that world to save his world

Pfft, make him playable after you beat the game…

jk jk lol

perhaps a character arch resulting in him having to side with good, or just have a good choice/bad choice thing.

Welll… if you consider skinning someone alive for fun good then heck yeah he’s good!

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O_o hes definitely a villian