The Third Generation

Hello,I have just realized we have begun the third generation of
Gen 1 memorable people and moments:
@grazer started the forum and many people joined. @Crigence made Old Super Mario Bros. and @Latif started Project Graveyard. @CrimsonBlackGames began Star Blast and @“JR 01” began his journey.
Gen 2:
I joined (meburningslime), as well as @PixelPizza and @Superstargames , @“The Kodex” later, and @“JR 01” became a moderator. @Latif finished The Graveyard and made a second one. I made the first sandbox, Terraria. A-Box began taking to the charts. Zombie Beach Parrty became the #1 most played game. Pixel Sports by @Superstargames became wildly popular.
In between Gen 2 and 3:
@seamothmaster45 and @todorrobot began their journey. @PixelPizza won a console in the first-ever Flowjam. I made the first successful top-down open world, Galaxy Trek. Nyctophobia has become another powefully motivated game. A few newer members arrived, such as
Gen 3:
Many new people have arrived. I made SCP: World’s End and @“JR 01” 's game Drive began to see some popularity. (BTW update it please it’s broken lol) @seamothmaster45 has become much better in coding and we have a few indies on the irse, such asa @360quickscoperornoscoper720pxhdscreenwithnomouze and @RageDayz .
Anything I’m missing? Please tell me.

Now it’s your turn. We are passing on the torch. What will make you remembered?

Yeah, I see it now. It is kinda like Flowlab has gone through generations of it’s lifetime.
Also, there is a typo that you made. I never made Starblast. That was @“CrimsonBlackGames” who made Starblast. But I did make Pixel Sports, so… that’s still a victory.

Do you mean literally or figuratively because I’m not actually a moderator, there are only 2 atm.
I did start using Forums and going into Flowlab fully around that time though

Also NYCTOPHOBIA and 1 is my more popular games right now,
and I do need to fix up Drive Nero but it should be fully playable on PC.

@“JR 01” I meant figuratively
And ok ill dd that.

Thanks for mentioning me, and don’t forget gen 3 was the beginning of the ultimate flowlab crossover, which hopefully as well as honouring the leavers honours flowlab and its legacy. @meburningslime . I really hope I become or have become an important member of flowlab. Until then, Thanks!

@“The Kodex” I thought about adding in The Crossover, but I want to see it completed, or at least started, before I stick it up on the wall.

Yeah, it will begin production relativly soon though, so hopefully this may be included when that happens…

wow I never really thought of it this way! I still feel like my games are mostly all failures, but hopefully I can turn that around with this next game I am making! (plus a secret game that I don’t want to announce yet)

@seamothmaster45 look at The Quest. It’s my biggest forum post yet and you’ll be suprised.

the final quest right?