The Tiny Red Ninja - game art bug

Not sure if this is happening just to me or all around, however upon reloading or refreshing my page, I keep losing object animations and game art. It keeps showing a Connection Error message followed with GAME ART DID NOT LOAD CORRECTLY, PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONNECTION AND RELOAD THE PAGE.

However, I’ve repeatedly have done so and have found no issues with my connection. I am unable to progress in creating anything as this issues continuously occurs no matter whatever I seem to try.


@grazer Even when connected to other sources that have a reliable connection, I still have this problem.

When you try to call upon the grazer god but no anwser is obtained

Do you have good internet connection?
If you do, @grazer needs to help u with that

Yoo I have good internet connection but it tells me the same thing
So, um I guess that’s the same for everyone?

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I know what’s happening here. It’s actually a bug that happens and it happens to DoM Reboot all of the time. Although I never seen it happen to single play games. This particular game isn’t apart of a dev team is it?

Usually dev team games this happens a lot too. Usually its just a bug that needs to be fixed and the game doesn’t suffer any casualties at all, just gives you a heart attack.

If it is apart of a dev team then that might be why its happening so often, usually when multiple people are working on it at the same time, but if its just a single dev project then its probable just a bug, but I would still message grazer about this just in case. Especially if your game art if starting to delete. Which I don’t think thats the case.



@ManiacPumpkin I have dev teams set up but no, this is not one of the games for them.

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Alright i know what it is. You have to delete the sprite that looks like a red block. “Jelly”’s game art didn’t save (sadly) and its starting to cause bugs in the game. i would just copy the code and paste it into another sprite and the connection error should go away. This happened to a friend on mine on here and had to delete any red sprites for the bug to go away. Although it is super rare of this happening.

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@ManiacPumpkin I thought that was the case as well, however that fails to solve the issue as well. I’ve done this multiple times and even then, animations and art will disappear and reset to the default block graphic, all animations wiped.

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So does this only happens to jelly’s sprites? Maybe there is a bug in the code and by copying and pasting it might just move the problem to another sprite. So I would try making all of the code from scratch and then naming the sprite something else other than jelly so the editor knows that its a completely different object. I never known it to be this bad. Usually just perma deleting this sprite would usually keep the game bugging out.

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Okay you have to go into the sprite library and permanently delete all of that sprite from the entire game and start over. I went into the editor and did that and it works just fine now. I know this kinda sucks, but I’m just glad it only effected one sprite. For my friend I think it effected multiple sprites and that kinda sucked.

@ManiacPumpkin I’ll give that a whirl, however it affects things randomly, usually whenever I add animation, but I have found no consistent pattern yet. Just this really.

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@ManiacPumpkin I’ve tried your last solution but to no avail. The issue still persists.

Whenever a new object is introduced, or an existing one edited, with animation or a graphic update and logic is within that object of any kind, the entire graphic is lost, along with all animations. @grazer

I’m also continuing to get the DevTools failed to load, etc. error, as well as The AudioContext was no allowed to start, not sure if that means anything though.

Hey @leonknighte - welcome back, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you on here :slight_smile:

I took a look at your game, and it looks like you have a few different objects who’s sprites are empty on the server. I have absolutely no idea how this is happening though. Normally this sort of thing can happen if your internet connection fails at just the wrong moment, but that seems pretty unlikely to have happened in all these cases.

Can you recall if there was anything special about these objects or sprites, or something that you did differently with them?

Thank you @grazer , it’s great being back. I havent done anything different to my knowledge, just create objects as normal and eventually it just happens.

Although, I havent received any charge from flowlab from last month, about when this all started. Is it possible for the 50 object restriction to occur if a payment was missed, I since then updated the card information.

A temporary solution @grazer, is that I have extra tabs open with the game, as well as on my phone, so when one fails to load the images, I edit and save the still existing image in one of the extra tabs or from my phone, and then reload the page with the broken image, it then shows. Although doing this with every edit takes a bit longer to make things lol.

Also, when the missing image occurs, if I convert the game to an app with that said missing image, for android at least, the file becomes broken and is unusable as an app, instead of a playable game with just a red block, or missing image. Not sure if that helps at all but its just something else that seems to happen.

I don’t think this has anything to do with account permissions, if that were the case it should just prevent you from making additional objects.

A temporary solution @grazer, is that I have extra tabs open with the game, as well as on my phone, so when one fails to load the images, I edit and save the still existing image in one of the extra tabs or from my phone, and then reload the page with the broken image, it then shows.

This sounds horrible :frowning:

I took a look and it appears that you’ve fixed up the broken ones for now. If don;t mind, please alert me either on here, on discord, or send me an email ( as soon as it happens and I’ll try to look for some clues.


it happening to me too