the (un)official 2019 flowlab graphic is here!

hi everyone! as the title can tell, yes, my design is done! it was tiring to find characters from relevant games, but this final product consists of 30 different characters; a few of which were suggested earlier!

i hope that next year i can get photoshop for computer, as it was annoying coping with the images getting a bit pixelated. it was also difficult that photoshop on ipad limited how small i could make images to put into the project, so if i get photoshop for computer and do this next year some minor issues here will be fixed.

besides that, i’m really happy with the outcome, so, here is the design!


(yes, i know not all these characters were made in 2019, its just a reflection-y design as a whole!)

but wait, theres more!
if you want the background and icon in a different color, for whatever purpose, i would be more than happy to meet your needs. same goes for things like adding a fancy border. you may ask me to make any modifications and i will do what i can in my time!
however, if YOUR character was included here and you dont want them where they are, or there at all, thats totally fine. but i wont relocate a singular character because it would “look cooler there”, as its hard to relocate singular characters on the version of photoshop i used (its still easy to remove characters though).

if you have any questions, write them in the comments! thanks to everyone who suggested characters!!
bonus points to whoever can name every character and the game they’re in!

Why Latif’s picture is not fully visible.

@ElecTronICO you right. And @rcreger 's character too.

@ElecTronIC0 @ElecTronICO
Unfortunately as I said before, I had to overlap a few characters so I could fit them all. Photoshop doesnt let me size down images enough so it was tricky putting this together. I decided to use overlapping to give meaning, like how it looks like the graveyard dude is side by side with the explorer, or how the cubes make a stack!

Looks amazing! It’s also really cool that you decided to make this, and thanks for adding my character :slight_smile:

pretty epic. I like my slime.

@soethan1 work in Adobe Illustrator CC.

@soethan1 Hello! I’m glad that you made this and it looks kinda cool, and I’d like to congratulate any Flowlab creators who got in this!

I have a few suggestions to make the image more visually appealing and overall look a little more unique.
I will split them out between major changes (they would make more of a difference visually) and minor changer (more or less tiny details that I may not know what the result would be)


  • make the background a gradient! Something with two unique and different colours that can blend well together. Don’t make the colours to similar or to different.

-make the boarder fade black! Self explanatory. However don’t make it take up 25% of it. make it a little faint. Simple.

-maybe put the name of the creator of that art close to the art. I know at least a few people are curious on who made the art. (I should know. My brother took a look at this and asked me “who made this?”. Kind of bugged me) The name could be as small as you want as long as you can at least read it on a decent sized screen, like a tablet or something.

-lower the opacity/visibility of the Flowlab symbol by a little bit. My suggestion: 10-15% just to make it blend it a tiny bit to the background. I don’t know what its about, but big, solid white things bug me.

Now, I don’t know expect you taking these ideas, because I’m not the best person to take suggestions from when it comes to visuals, but hey, there’s always some room for improvement for everything. :slight_smile:

holy crap I realized how much typing I just did.

Oh look, you added my block!

I forgot about that game, I didn’t origanaly submit that because its really just a re-colored version of one of the free-block sprites. It was difficult to make all the colors for all the blocks, but still I wasn’t originally planning to submit anything.

Also you should defiantly add drive by @“JR 01”

Hey @ShadowAxeKid , thanks for the ideas!

Responses to major changes:

I actually really like that idea! Only issue is that without photoshop on computer its difficult to make an effect like that.

Responses to minor changes:

I was thinking of having a separate design that lists the game, character and developer for if someone was to, for example, have stuff on the back too. I wouldnt want the characters credited in the main design though.

Lower opacity: unfortunately I cant make changes like that, though I could put a shade over the picture, creating the illusion of lowering opacity without interrupting the characters.

Ill send you a direct message if I manage to get the gradient and opacity lowering done, thank you!

@“my_name (<_>)” oh! i totally forgot about drive lol, cant believe i missed it. if you want me to update the design with the car, let me know!

Sure, I also got a good hand into photoshop if you ever need help


@soethan1 your welcome with the suggestions and thank you for considering! :slight_smile:

Yay, thanks for adding my character in your design!

Nice! Not at all what I was expecting, though it may inspire me to do something similar, (once I can afford it XD)

@browngr afford? All of this was made on a mobile device using photoshop mix and MagicEraser! No need to buy anything at all :slight_smile: