Theory of Simulating Accelerometer With Hypersensitive Touch

As you may know, some mobile devices don’t always support the accelerometer. Here’s the idea I’ve been thinking about to detect motion without the need for that sensor. All mobile phones with touchscreen technology have a touch sensor, allowing you to navigate your device. My theory is to adjust the sensitivity and settings to be so sensitive that any slight touch on your phone will trigger the touch sensor, resulting in motion detection similar to the accelerometer sensor. It would need to be super sensitive, allowing even a touch outside your device to trigger the touch sensor. This would enable vibration-style applications without using the accelerometer. Additionally, if this could be manipulated to detect tilt motion, you could certainly create tilt controls for games and apps without the required sensor.

Am I crazy or did you post this exact same thing before…?

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Posted something similar but this went into more detail than before.