This is becoming a problem...

@grazer, people are refreshing their own games to get views. As a result, some awful games are getting on the front page. This needs to stop.

I agree, refreshing to get views is way too easy and it makes it so being on the front page isn’t special any more!

Ya do realize that he can’t fix that, right, other than kicking those games off the front page, but they’ll come back

I was just letting him know about the issue.

Why can’t people just wait for their games go up in plays? They’ll get more likes if they do. Just get your game involved in the community and there will be more plays.

“Refreshing ain’t cool, makes a game look like a fool”
Maybe that doesn’t work, but you know what I mean (I can’t rhythm :lol: )

I understand why, although I don’t do that, because for example, my Terraria game has a 8/10 average review score, but still only has 4 people playing it and 3 favorites. If there were some advertizing system, where you actually had to WORK for the ad so useless games wouldn’t get on there, the problem would be solved @Crigence @CrimsonBlackGames @grazer @“Biscuit Butter”

I’m open to suggestions about how best to rank the games. Right now the score is based on a combination of factors, not just plays. Play count makes up part of the score though, so if the play count is high enough it will bump your game up eventually.

I will generally zero out the play count of games that are clearly fraudulent. I could also reduce the impact of the play count on the ranking score, and I think that would reduce the number of people trying to game the system by faking plays.

Hey @grazer thanks for responding! I think, like I said above, that the the current system is great, but let new games have a chance!

If you add an advertizing system, where you can make your own ads for your game, but of course, just for flowlab, then new but great games would have a chance. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think that the website should be able to detect people on their own account’s games, and not bump up the play counter for that. It wouldn’t prevent alt accounts, but it would definitely help.

I also think just a new games tab or recently played tab of sorts in the games area would help starting off games.

I agree @microgamer1 !