This is Kinda complex

In my game-
I want to create a 2d platformer section, with the same character that’s in the top down part. the only issue is the gravity, My character isn’t affected by gravity because of the top down section, but i need it for the 2d section.
Anyone understand?

So you need to turn the physics on or off depending on the level?
Just use the ‘Enabled’ block? Or create a complete copy of your player you use in the second level, that one with physics turned on.

Make your own gravity by using a motor.

You can see this in @“my_name (<_>)” Gravity hop game.

JR 01 That’s extremely complex, is there a simpler example?

@Lexmaier06 not really, I’m mostly just saying use an Always Motor
and act like the character has gravity (like using the Run & Jump Bundle)


Thank you so much, It works great

This does help with a game in space when gravities bad but you go inside and gravity is still bad! Thanks!