This is not working

I’m trying to make a fog like barrier, that shows what is under it when you’re close. If you need help it’s like pixlepizza example game for Invisible/hidden areas. for some reason there’s a chunk missing, and it won’t change back to gray but instead it is darker. my game is Flowlab Game Creator - Escape the Pyrimasde


That’s because there is blocks stacked ontop of eachother, and their alpha’s add up.

Also, you are using proximity instead of global for each of the fog blocks, and it’s bringing the fps from 60 down to 11.


How do you suggest I implement that

use globals (in logic and math), the player can always extract it’s x and y coordinates and set the globals, then the blocks can use the globals instead of the proximity. You also need a filter to act as the proximity circle

Something like this in the player:


{"data":{"behavior":{"v":"2","nodes":[{"inputCount":0,"outputCount":1,"name":"Always","behaviorType":"logic.triggers.Always","x":-90,"y":152,"group":"","id":"300ddbc0ec7e754e"},{"inputCount":1,"outputCount":1,"name":"Extractor","behaviorType":"","x":90,"y":104,"group":"","id":"300df576341c374f","targetId":0,"prop":"x","version":2},{"inputCount":1,"outputCount":1,"name":"Extractor","behaviorType":"","x":90,"y":192,"group":"","id":"300df63edefc2944","targetId":0,"prop":"y","version":2},{"inputCount":3,"outputCount":1,"name":"Global","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Global","x":270,"y":104,"group":"","id":"300e1e1e868c0248","tag":"Player X:Number","version":2,"dataType":2},{"inputCount":3,"outputCount":1,"name":"Global","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Global","x":270,"y":200,"group":"","id":"300e1f8763b73547","tag":"Player Y:Number","version":2,"dataType":2}],"links":[{"input_id":"300df576341c374fi0","output_id":"300ddbc0ec7e754eo0"},{"input_id":"300df63edefc2944i0","output_id":"300ddbc0ec7e754eo0"},{"input_id":"300df576341c374fi0","output_id":"300ddbc0ec7e754eo0"},{"input_id":"300e1e1e868c0248i0","output_id":"300df576341c374fo0"},{"input_id":"300df63edefc2944i0","output_id":"300ddbc0ec7e754eo0"},{"input_id":"300e1f8763b73547i0","output_id":"300df63edefc2944o0"},{"input_id":"300e1e1e868c0248i0","output_id":"300df576341c374fo0"},{"input_id":"300e1f8763b73547i0","output_id":"300df63edefc2944o0"}]}}}

Something like this in the block:

ok but now how is some of the fog not even working please tell me how to fix it

ok, now I have no idea what is going on. It’s working, the alpha just isn’t showing up. Maybe this is because you’ve placed SO MANY objects. There is a much simpler way of doing this if you want to do it for the entire screen.

Do something like this if you want it everywhere:

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thanks, oh and how do I get more plays on my game don’t reply if you don’t want to

To get more plays you can make a topic for your game, ask people to reiew your game, or get it featured on the front of flowlab, but your game has to be really good for that.

Flowlab Game Creator - Simple Lighting the screen thing flys way ahead of the player

Try putting the object in the game layer