THRALL - an action adventure game with intractable features & lots of sword swinging

been working pretty hard on this game i would like some people to play what i have so far and provide feedback to make the game better, thank you

i spelled something wrong lol


cool game

thank you my friends @glithctyrus @“darian K”

your welcome:

your welome:Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 5.44.00 PM

I like this game. the art is really cool.
I’m having trouble beating the bear though. what am I supposed to do?

@F3Art #nerfbear #beartoOP #bruh #thisisbroken

@F3Art yea so i been working on the bear , if you use the C attack it causes more damage and using the block button ( space ) at the right moments it should help defeat the bear, the bear has a randomized attack pattern using a random critical attack on the player. after the bear is defeated head back to start the fire. ( i am working on making better instructions and tips for better understanding haha @glithctyrus

sometimes the bear keeps attacking after death which is really grinding my gears >:l

using both X and C to make quick attack combinations and dont forget to eat those apples (A)

You know what they say:an apple a day keeps the blood thisty bear away:Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 2.03.52 PM

@probablydon after the player dies, or the bear dies?
if it’s the player: send a message to the bear and when it receives the message have all of it’s attacks off
if it’s the bear: I’m guessing you have a death animation or something so instead copy all the frames from that animation and copy them onto a new object that spawns on top of the bear, and then the bear destroys.

hope this helps you.

@probablydon Did you do that art?! It looks fantastic! This is one of the best games on here! Wow! I love the asethetic and feel to the game, it looks amazing! Maybe a tutorial though?

@F3Art the bear is fixed i found a way thank you :slight_smile:

@“The Kodex” all art is done by me except for the title screen , that was from a website i found on google. means alot thank you so much , when its done i hope to see it on the main page some day ! wish i knew how to draw mountains better tho lol & i would make a tutorial but idk how to record it off my laptop , i am going to be working on descriptions, objectives and hints for the UI and also the controls are listed in the menu i am very bad at explaining things so ill be working hard haha

Well its a very good start, and trust me, it already deserves to be on the home page. The art looks professional! But to help,

@“The Kodex” that looks very fun to learn thanks !