Thrall new update 5/12/2021

5/12/2021 Most Recent Update

i have taken your feedback into consideration with these updates.

Props to @JR01 for helping me figure out a shop system in the game for players to finally use XP.

  • Unlockables
  • Evade
  • Slash & Kick
  • +10 Health
  • Unlock Menu
  • Stamina
  • Stamina Bar
  • Updated inventory Display
  • Enemy Attack Indicator
  • Improved Story Line
  • Improved Tutuorial
  • Updated Controls Info
  • Tips In Loading Screens
  • Metallic shine to swords
  • Future Enemy Sprites
  • Background artwork updated
  • Boss combat somehwhat improved lol

more updates to follow


If you call this an update, go ahead, but it’s not really…
My character disappeared.


Glad to hear it! Wish I could play!


Looking awesome as usual! Thrall is an awesome game!


i mean it is an update but go off. idk what happened on your end but i just ran it on mine and it works for me. ill do a whole test rq and try and resolve any issues i run into


why cant you ? is something not working for you , ill look into it now and see whats up

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Cool. Thanks. The game wuz super glitchy on my end, but it’s really fun otherwise


Flowlab was blocked on their device. (they’re using a school computer)

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i wonder if it is glitchy for anyone else like that

thanks , im glad you like it !

that is unfortunate , maybe a vpn would work

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hey thank you ! the story continues, might make YigYak playable

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Not me, @GameMaster107.

And also, I can bet than any site that allows a vpn download is blocked on his/her computer too.