Throwback to your old examples

We all have a ton of examples which have been lost in time, but are still relatively useful.
Some just never made the example page or were made after it.
Post them here to help people.

Flowlab Game Creator - Advanced Timer Example (this one isn’t as useful anymore because timers now pause with pause behaviours)
Flowlab Game Creator - Raycast Addon: Find Position
Flowlab Game Creator - Hurtful Velocity Example
Flowlab Game Creator - Draw A Line Example
Flowlab Game Creator - Mouse Orbit Example
Flowlab Game Creator - Simple Projectile Prediction
Flowlab Game Creator - Raycast Addon: Simulate w/Size
Flowlab Game Creator - Raycast Addon: Simulate
i kept all of these somewhere so they were easy to paste in, would’ve been a pain otherwise


Not an old example, made this recently, but it’s incredibly well-made and simple so it should be able to fit almost any game that needs to spawn in enemies.

Just a really nice visual, I really like this example because it is such a simple solution for such a cool effect.

No Flowlab games have used this mechanic, but it’s popular in a lot of strategy games that require you to move units, or even if you just want to select a lot of things at once.


this one’s pretty okay i think

I thought had 2 but it turns out I have 5

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