Timer Issues

Hey Flowlab and everyone,

I’m creating a game where you need to collide two sprites before a timer runs out.

On the third level, my timer runs out after 44 seconds, even when I set the timer to different values. This bug only happens when I added the camera to my line of code, and it doesn’t happen on any of my previous levels. I’m not sure how to align the camera settings to release the bug, but the level is too long to be completed in the 44-second window. Solving the bug would be the best solution for me.

I was wondering if any of you could help. Thanks!


Sorry, I meant to say it freezes the entire game after 44 seconds, and the only choice is to reload the game.

I… am completely clueless. The camera glitches are fixable, check out the help settings or the forums for that. I have NO idea why on earth it stops at 44, someone smarter then me might know though.


It seems to help a little by setting the character select 3 and 4 parent option was set to none, but this doesnt completely solve the issue. I think is more the flowlab itself… @grazer